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Free Themed Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

A main street of Toronto 5 letters BLOOR
Unusual partner? 5 letters CRUEL
CRT successor 3 letters LCD
The First 48 channel 5 letters AANDE
The Friendly Giant rooster 5 letters RUSTY
Suspense writer Levin 3 letters IRA
Pasture-raised honey bug? 11 letters GRASSFEDBEE
Play games (with) 3 letters TOY
Was on one’s rocker 3 letters SAT
Tanning target 4 letters HIDE
Can-___ (some dirt bikes) 3 letters AMS
Advice to a kiteflyer? 12 letters GOFORTHEGUST
Don’t mind ___ 5 letters IFIDO
Squeezes past 7 letters EASESBY
Porridge part 3 letters OAT
Ladder to Rapunzel’s tower 5 letters TRESS
The Leafs on a scoreboard 3 letters TOR
Are those guys wearing WIGS?? 13 letters WHATSONTHEMEN
She/___ 3 letters HER
Bug in a fleabag motel 5 letters ROACH
Bay St. share trader pre-2002 3 letters TSE
Silent reaction to a dad joke maybe 7 letters EYEROLL
Some U.S. Army NCOs 5 letters MSGTS
Joint action in a boardgame spin-off for potheads? 12 letters MONOPOLYTOKE
Thinker’s utterances 3 letters UHS
… ___ saw Elba 4 letters EREI
Orange campaign sign letters 3 letters NDP
___ Who? (nickname of Canada’s 16th P.M.) 3 letters JOE
Accommodation at a pig farm? 11 letters ROOMANDBOAR
Prefix with -tard or -tarian 3 letters UNI
Trig function briefly 5 letters COSEC
Melodic wrap-up 5 letters OUTRO
Fetch 3 letters GET
Trounce in competition slangily 5 letters SPANK
Nonstop 5 letters ONEND
Bellhop’s burdens 4 letters BAGS
Yuri’s love in Dr. Zhivago 4 letters LARA
Go ___ length (ramble) 4 letters ONAT
Becomes ill from binging 3 letters ODS
Fit with new footwear 6 letters RESHOD
Literally I believe 5 letters CREDO
Less mannerly 5 letters RUDER
Flash drive port 3 letters USB
Juin au aoÃŧt 3 letters ETE
Sodium hydroxide 3 letters LYE
Ultimate means of deciding 10 letters LITMUSTEST
Jolly Roger feature 10 letters CROSSBONES
It comes after Sun? 3 letters DAY
Fee ___ fum … 4 letters FIFO
Get on 3 letters AGE
Bhagavad-___ (Hindu text) 4 letters GITA
Saw parts 5 letters TEETH
___ mark (# symbol) 4 letters HASH
To be to Tiberius 4 letters ESSE
Tuesday’s Norse namesake 3 letters TYR
Thanks pal my turn next time 10 letters IOWEYOUONE
Type of meteorology degree? 10 letters FAHRENHEIT
… and ___ a good night! 5 letters TOALL
GOP group 3 letters RNC
It’s too much for a Frenchman 4 letters TROP
Guitarist’s time to shine 4 letters SOLO
Home loan: Abbr. 4 letters MTGE
Haw mate 3 letters HEM
Game of Thrones prostitute 3 letters ROS
Big name in bathroom faucets 4 letters MOEN
Snowmobile trademark now used generically 6 letters SKIDOO
Last Arab League member alphabetically 5 letters YEMEN
Where athletes get the runaround? 5 letters TRACK
What some pass in class 4 letters NOTE
Softened curse word 4 letters DARN
Cattle mover 4 letters PROD
4-litre milk container 3 letters JUG
Mounties for short 3 letters RCS
Alley-___ (basketball play) 3 letters OOP
Spanish she-bear 3 letters OSA
Hairball? 3 letters BUN


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