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Free Themed Crossword January 20 2023 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword January 20 2023 Answers:

Site for cinema buffs 4 letters IMDB
Pressure 5 letters IMPEL
Sports league with D.C. United and LA Galaxy briefly 3 letters MLS
Spirit on a music score 4 letters BRIO
Check words 5 letters PAYTO
Dietary protein source 4 letters MEAT
Cardinal’s home 4 letters NEST
Flynn of cinema 5 letters ERROL
Jason’s mythical ship 4 letters ARGO
Military unit for cowardly soldiers? 13 letters CHICKENLEGION
Anatomical rings 7 letters AREOLAE
Bother 5 letters ANNOY
Just the right amount of tautness? 14 letters PERFECTTENSION
Year-end reward 5 letters BONUS
Lie on the edge of 4 letters ABUT
Steak house sound 4 letters SSSS
Hair care tools 5 letters COMBS
Desert of Asia 4 letters GOBI
Letters suggesting urgency 4 letters ASAP
Fictional hero with a sword 5 letters ZORRO
Catholic liturgical segue? 14 letters MASSTRANSITION
Gets dimmer 5 letters FADES
Cut back at the table 7 letters EATLESS
Troublemaker who’s not pushing up daisies? 13 letters LIVINGHELLION
Take ___ stride 4 letters ITIN
Wafer brand 5 letters NILLA
Big name in elevators 4 letters OTIS
NASCAR event 4 letters RACE
Dodge 5 letters AVOID
Dispatched 4 letters SENT
Dead heat 3 letters TIE
Zellweger of the big screen 5 letters RENEE
Swirling current 4 letters EDDY
Arab equivalent of Mac- 3 letters IBN
GI’s field chow 3 letters MRE
Recognizes in a way 8 letters DISCERNS
She and I 8 letters BOTHOFUS
Medicine cabinet emetic 6 letters IPECAC
Grocery store 6 letters MARKET
Combustible woodpile 4 letters PYRE
Thames town 4 letters ETON
Play the idler 4 letters LOLL
Sheep prized for its wool 6 letters MERINO
Coastal body of water 6 letters LAGOON
Not showing emotion 5 letters STONY
Great (prefix) 5 letters MAGNI
Lands in PolynÊsie 4 letters ILES
Sunrise direction 4 letters EAST
Alerts from the police dept. 4 letters APBS
Some antique trucks 4 letters REOS
Florida bay city 5 letters TAMPA
Flow back 3 letters EBB
Greek consonants 3 letters NUS
Oklahoma winter hrs. 3 letters CST
Paddle’s kin 3 letters OAR
Busted out 8 letters GOTLOOSE
Showed the ropes to 8 letters ORIENTED
Family bus. name abbr. 4 letters BROS
Subject of this puzzle’s chemistry lesson 4 letters IONS
The A of PGA 4 letters ASSN
Pasta choice 4 letters ZITI
Tropical rum cocktail 6 letters MAITAI
Helpful hint 6 letters ADVICE
River of Paris 5 letters SEINE
Nervous ___ 6 letters NELLIE
French greens 6 letters SALADE
Toy (with) 5 letters FLIRT
Emulate an angry dog 4 letters GNAR
Home for bees 4 letters HIVE
Musk with billions 4 letters ELON
Politically unaffiliated (abbr.) 3 letters IND
Rural pen 3 letters STY


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