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Free Themed Crossword November 13 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 13 2022 Answers:

Notoriety 4 letters FAME
Vinegar essentially 4 letters ACID
Legendary Himalayan beasts 5 letters YETIS
Tehran is its capital 4 letters IRAN
Despise 4 letters HATE
Precise 5 letters EXACT
Out of control mob scene 4 letters RIOT
Multinational oil cartel briefly 4 letters OPEC
Wild outing 5 letters SPREE
Stage name and band name of hard rocker Brian Hugh Warner 13 letters MARILYNMANSON
Pie serving 5 letters SLICE
Letters that lead into some useful intelligence perhaps 3 letters FYI
End of many a religion 3 letters ISM
House overhangs 5 letters EAVES
The Count of Monte ___ 6 letters CRISTO
Not at work 3 letters OFF
Rural structures 5 letters SILOS
Go away fly! 4 letters SHOO
Rapper better known as Eminem 15 letters MARSHALLMATHERS
First name in daredevilry 4 letters EVEL
Old MacDonald letters 5 letters EIEIO
Salon color job 3 letters DYE
Tank closure 6 letters GASCAP
Bruce and Laura in films 5 letters DERNS
Shade of gray 3 letters ASH
Downturn 3 letters DIP
Oar count for some rowing crews 5 letters EIGHT
French mime who performed for the troops at the liberation of Paris in 1944 13 letters MARCELMARCEAU
Jigsaw puzzle bit 5 letters PIECE
Backside 4 letters REAR
Make booties say 4 letters KNIT
Watery lowland 5 letters SWAMP
Part of this puzzles byline 4 letters MARK
Stories of old times 4 letters LORE
Handy bags 5 letters TOTES
Hens and such 4 letters SHES
Freedom from difficulty 4 letters EASE
Companies 5 letters FIRMS
Basic computer font 5 letters ARIAL
New Zealand native 5 letters MAORI
Lure into mischief 6 letters ENTICE
Sailors greeting 4 letters AHOY
Sailors boss informally 4 letters CAPN
Single thing 4 letters ITEM
Coffee spec 5 letters DECAF
Response to an officer 6 letters YESSIR
Big show 4 letters EXPO
Marred 9 letters TARNISHED
Bar supply 3 letters ICE
Title for Jeanne dArc (abbr.) 3 letters STE
Dog owners device 5 letters LEASH
Most populous city in the US initially 3 letters NYC
Short literary work 5 letters STORY
Bull of the woods 5 letters MOOSE
Through 3 letters VIA
Fashion magazine 4 letters ELLE
Sturdy 5 letters SOLID
Uncertain suffix 3 letters ISH
Last Greek letter 5 letters OMEGA
Broad beans 5 letters FAVAS
Butcher shop offering 9 letters FRESHMEAT
Hooks mate in Peter Pan 4 letters SMEE
Utah metropolis (abbr.) 3 letters SLC
Broadcast 3 letters AIR
Printer stuff 5 letters TONER
TV spot sellers 6 letters ADREPS
Its shot by a cam 3 letters PIC
Old fashioned harvest tool 6 letters SICKLE
Some salon jobs informally 5 letters PERMS
Type of salami 5 letters GENOA
Eyelashes essentially 5 letters HAIRS
Student with one-on-one assistance 5 letters TUTEE
High point 4 letters ACME
One of Jacobs wives 4 letters LEAH
Stallions partner 4 letters MARE
Holders of Torahs 4 letters ARKS
Winter hrs. in California 3 letters PST
___ Jima 3 letters IWO


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