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Free Themed Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 15 2022 Answers:

Daycare dinner wear maybe 3 letters BIB
Italian cheese-producing town 5 letters PARMA
Beans named for Peru’s capital 5 letters LIMAS
Hometown Proud chain 3 letters IGA
Search high and low 5 letters SCOUR
___ We Trust (Painting With Light film) 5 letters INART
Bullet exchange 9 letters GUNBATTLE
Gauzy stage backdrop 5 letters SCRIM
Wizards of yore 5 letters MAGES
Bawdy language user’s lack 4 letters TACT
JFK airport alternative 3 letters LGA
Sunday morning creeping like ___ (Lady Madonna lyric) 4 letters ANUN
Scotch and rye drinker’s establishment 10 letters WHISKEYBAR
I’m not a robot test 7 letters CAPTCHA
Uppity 6 letters SNOOTY
501 jeans brand 5 letters LEVIS
Wallonian wallet-stuffers 5 letters EUROS
Where passport pictures are taken 11 letters PHOTOSTUDIO
Make like a banana and ___ 5 letters SPLIT
Will’s partner in many SNL skits 5 letters CHERI
Rumba relative 6 letters CHACHA
Bandmate of Björn Benny and Anni-Frig 7 letters AGNETHA
Stompin’ Tom classic Good Old ___ 10 letters HOCKEYGAME
Dance at a Ceilidh perhaps 4 letters REEL
Man-mission link 3 letters ONA
Circus barker 4 letters SEAL
___ bleu!’ 5 letters SACRE
Abate 5 letters LETUP
Try … or something to do at 17- 25- 35- and 48-Across 9 letters TAKEASHOT
… ___ bagatelle 5 letters AMERE
Cat People that once lived near a Great Lake 5 letters ERIES
Words between bug and rug 3 letters INA
Made deeper as a canal 5 letters REDUG
Kiss or slap 5 letters SMACK
Spirit seeing skill 3 letters ESP
Two all beef patties special sauce … burger 6 letters BIGMAC
Pet whose tail might fall off 6 letters IGUANA
Excellent as a job 6 letters BANGUP
Covid-19 TV notices say 4 letters PSAS
Bill passed in Parliament 3 letters ACT
Sit too long in the fridge 3 letters ROT
Prefix with -lateral or -lingual 5 letters MULTI
Zones 5 letters AREAS
Caught with a wire? 10 letters LISTENEDIN
Business letters? 3 letters INC
Man of old cigarettes 8 letters MARLBORO
Domo ___ Mr. Roboto (Styx lyric) 7 letters ARIGATO
University in Halifax or Calgary 7 letters STMARYS
___ out of shape (huffy) 4 letters BENT
U.S. cashable payments: Abbr. 3 letters CKS
Put an edge on 4 letters WHET
Chaotic destruction 5 letters HAVOC
For ___ Will (Space Jam song by Monica) 4 letters YOUI
It keeps things hanging on the line 10 letters CLOTHESPEG
Uncertain ending 3 letters ISH
Iron setting 5 letters STEAM
Appeased 8 letters PLACATED
Cletus Spuckler of The Simpsons is one 4 letters HICK
Impulse 4 letters URGE
Student of higher learning 7 letters SCHOLAR
Please call! 7 letters PHONEME
You betcha laddie 3 letters AYE
Presidential periods 4 letters ERAS
Blue screen of death fixer maybe 6 letters TECHIE
Long-legged marsh birds 6 letters HERONS
Brew pub fixture 6 letters ALETAP
Bill from Microsoft? 5 letters GATES
Distress with unexpected news 5 letters ALARM
Roughriders prov. 4 letters SASK
Montevideo is its cap. 3 letters URU
Sportage and Spectra maker 3 letters KIA
Bygone Common Market inits. 3 letters EEC


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