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Free Themed Crossword November 19 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 19 2022 Answers:

Fellow 4 letters CHAP
Fourth planet from the sun 4 letters MARS
Brings under control 5 letters TAMES
Juno’s Greek counterpart 4 letters HERA
Garfield dog 4 letters ODIE
Party-planning site 5 letters EVITE
Multivitamin supplement 4 letters IRON
Camping gear 4 letters TENT
French red wine 5 letters MEDOC
Out of . . . (3X) 15 letters CONTROLGASPRINT
Bauxite e.g. 3 letters ORE
Neg.’s counterpart 3 letters POS
Gentle stroke 6 letters CARESS
Musical measure 3 letters BAR
Clapton who sang Layla 4 letters ERIC
Preferred invitees 5 letters ALIST
Twangy as a voice 5 letters NASAL
Flowery verse 3 letters ODE
Out of . . . (3X) 15 letters PLACESIGHTORDER
Dig in! 3 letters EAT
Cowpoke’s milieu 5 letters RANGE
False front 5 letters GUISE
Pair 4 letters DYAD
Nonprofessional 3 letters LAY
Insurance company workers 6 letters AGENTS
Pilot’s announcement for short 3 letters ETA
A pint in a pub perhaps 3 letters ALE
Out of . . . (3X) 15 letters REACHDATEBREATH
___ Gantry 5 letters ELMER
Acapulco abode 4 letters CASA
Delight 4 letters GLEE
Single-handedly 5 letters ALONE
Phobos to Mars 4 letters MOON
Strong wind 4 letters GALE
Al ___ : pasta order 5 letters DENTE
Catch a glimpse of 4 letters ESPY
Pie’s cooling-off spot 4 letters SILL
Stylish 4 letters CHIC
Deli sandwich 4 letters HERO
Elvis Presley’s middle name 4 letters ARON
Huff and puff 4 letters PANT
The M in GM 6 letters MOTORS
Skyfall singer 5 letters ADELE
One of three in a circus? 4 letters RING
Bristle 4 letters SETA
Musical beat 5 letters TEMPO
Disinclined 6 letters AVERSE
Calf-length skirt 4 letters MIDI
George Orwell’s alma mater 4 letters ETON
Breakaway group 4 letters SECT
Coach’s list 6 letters ROSTER
Nursery rhyme surname 5 letters SPRAT
Clothed like Batman 5 letters CAPED
Put to rest as fears 5 letters ALLAY
Rodeo rope 5 letters RIATA
Top left keyboard key 3 letters ESC
Fashionably loose 5 letters BAGGY
1975 Wimbledon champ 4 letters ASHE
The Kiss sculptor 5 letters RODIN
That is in Latin 5 letters IDEST
Goddess of agriculture 5 letters CERES
Boat of note on a 1492 voyage 4 letters NINA
Lumberjack 6 letters LOGGER
First course choice 5 letters SALAD
Regret 3 letters RUE
Passable 6 letters DECENT
Northeast US capital 6 letters ALBANY
___ on a match 5 letters THREE
Man of morals 5 letters AESOP
Go through 4 letters READ
Fashion monthly 4 letters ELLE
Egyptian deity 4 letters AMON
Crowning point 4 letters ACME
New Mexico art community 4 letters TAOS
Breakfast staple 4 letters EGGS
Jai ___ 4 letters ALAI
Be a snitch 4 letters TELL
Contemptible one 4 letters HEEL

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