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Free Themed Crossword November 7 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 7 2022 Answers:

___ Joyful (Matthew Good song) 4 letters OHBE
Certain mystery meat 4 letters SPAM
Shoot 5 letters ASKME
It’s not an option 4 letters NEED
Hair-raising style? 4 letters UPDO
Raonic with a racket 5 letters MILOS
Whose woods these ___ think … (Frost) 4 letters AREI
Reminiscer’s retrieval area 10 letters MEMORYBANK
Rich German cake 5 letters TORTE
Supercool? 3 letters ICY
Thx alternative 3 letters TKS
Precisely 14 letters RIGHTONTHENOSE
Hosp. area with ventilators 3 letters ICU
Yeah ___ heard 3 letters SOI
Showing a little cheek 5 letters SAUCY
Receipt add-ons in most of Can. 4 letters PSTS
Angel dust and others briefly 4 letters PCPS
Unspecified degrees 4 letters NTHS
Kidney-shaped tidbit from Planters 9 letters CASHEWNUT
TSX launches 4 letters IPOS
Folk group CSNY before 1969 4 letters TRIO
Make ___ deal of 4 letters ABIG
Stuart Little for one 5 letters MOUSE
Mrs. in Madrid 3 letters SRA
Believed as a lie 3 letters ATE
Forgive and forget 14 letters BURYTHEHATCHET
Private place to sleep? 3 letters COT
___ Town (Wilder work) 3 letters OUR
Actress Catherine of Schitt$ Creek 5 letters OHARA
Paragon of purity with the 10 letters DRIVENSNOW
Mus. key with four sharps 4 letters EMAJ
Moscow tomb occupant 5 letters LENIN
Smart talker on the iPhone? 4 letters SIRI
You expect ___ do WHAT?? 4 letters METO
As good as it gets 5 letters IDEAL
Slangy safecracker 4 letters YEGG
Spoiler for a straight-A student 4 letters ONEB
Vacationing away 7 letters ONATRIP
Feats that save the day 7 letters HEROICS
Feature of a heavy drinker maybe? 7 letters BEERGUT
Chanteuse Piaf 5 letters EDITH
What it all adds up to 3 letters SUM
Med. masks gloves gowns etc. 3 letters PPE
Allow entry 5 letters ADMIT
Borrow for good 5 letters MOOCH
Tina’s costar in Sisters 3 letters AMY
Only child’s lack for short 3 letters SIB
Gabfest over coffee 7 letters KLATSCH
Toy barrel contents 7 letters MONKEYS (Edmonton CFL website before a name change) 4 letters ESKS
Old Fashioned spirits 4 letters RYES
Mork and Alf for two 3 letters ETS
Butterfinger’s utterance 4 letters OOPS
Nuremberg not 5 letters NICHT
Part of an Orkan au revoir 4 letters NANU
Get ___ town! 5 letters OUTTA
Use an S.O.S pad 5 letters SCOUR
Capita companion 3 letters PER
Elegant in England 5 letters SWISH
Gov’t. gathering e.g. 4 letters ASSY
Young host of CBC Radio’s Spark 4 letters NORA
Words said with a yawn 7 letters IMBORED
Canada’s national dish to some 7 letters POUTINE
Who Let the Dogs Out band 7 letters BAHAMEN
State again 7 letters ITERATE
Comment to a layabout … and a hint to the ends of 18- 24- 38- 53- and 60-Across 7 letters GETAJOB
Boris Johnson’s alma mater 4 letters ETON
Go from ___ B 3 letters ATO
Lady of questionable morals 5 letters HUSSY
Coombs who was Mr. Dressup 5 letters ERNIE
Oncologist’s order for short 5 letters CHEMO
Half of CMII 4 letters CDLI
Passenger rail company 3 letters VIA
Blow up at Blacks: Abbr. 3 letters ENL
Nonprofit’s website ending 3 letters ORG
Unreal coif? 3 letters WIG


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