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Free Themed Crossword November 9 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 9 2022 Answers:

Design particulars 5 letters SPECS
… animal I ___ human being! (Merrick line) 3 letters AMA
Schindler played by Liam 5 letters OSKAR
B.C. Lions quarterback William 5 letters ARNDT
Prefix with giving or taking 3 letters MIS
So what see if ___! 5 letters ICARE
Dissuade + fellow 9 letters DETERGENT
Alfalfa’s girl on The Little Rascals 5 letters DARLA
Dating shorthand for So are we a couple? 3 letters DTR
Vowel-heavy Virgil title 6 letters AENEID
Wind up on a fishing boat? 4 letters REEL
Landing guesstimate 3 letters ETA
Winter bug + smelter stuff + aroma 11 letters FLUORESCENT
Turned the hounds (on) 6 letters SICCED
Londoner’s land sakes! 6 letters BLIMEY
Four: Pref. 4 letters TETR
Seance visitor 6 letters SPIRIT
Jockey’s strap + auto + country 13 letters REINCARNATION
Ancient German native 6 letters TEUTON
Protestant denom. 4 letters EPIS
Pointe-___ (Montreal suburb) 6 letters CLAIRE
Clued in about 6 letters WISETO
Pog or platter + sharer’s word + matures 11 letters DISCOURAGES
Med. role for Richard Gere 2000 3 letters DRT
Oblong tomato variety 4 letters ROMA
Something to sneeze at? 6 letters POLLEN
Tuba sound with oom 3 letters PAH
___ fours 5 letters ONALL
Pigeon patter + a pop + supped 9 letters COOPERATE
Country legend Haggard 5 letters MERLE
Big socks? 3 letters KOS
Manually-turned drill 5 letters AUGER
Does in knight-style 5 letters SLAYS
Semi-automatic rifle inits. 3 letters SKS
Witherspoon of Big Little Lies 5 letters REESE
Most heartrending 7 letters SADDEST
___-à-porter + stadium level 8 letters PRETTIER
Theatre intermission 8 letters ENTRACTE
Cadet’s Charlie delta echo 3 letters CDE
Fire bullets from above 6 letters STRAFE
May I see ___? (diner’s request) 5 letters AMENU
Ill-fated actor Sal 5 letters MINEO
Showing signs of waking 5 letters ASTIR
Suffix with andr- or astr- 3 letters OID
Wound reminder + urban areas 10 letters SCARCITIES
Abdul-Jabbar with a noted skyhook 6 letters KAREEM
Dickinson of Dragons’ Den 6 letters ARLENE
Lots to sell? 6 letters REALTY
Neuter as a stallion 4 letters GELD
Actress Winger 5 letters DEBRA
Pencil skirt feature 4 letters SLIT
Dernier ___ + nervous twitch + battle buddy 10 letters CRITICALLY
Covered one’s butt in a way 3 letters SAT
In favour of 3 letters PRO
Road trip refuge 3 letters INN
Fictional sleuth Wolfe 4 letters NERO
Prepare to play as songs 5 letters CUEUP
Where to find a leaning column 8 letters OPEDPAGE
Petty complaint + fees 8 letters NITRATES
I rest my case on the playground 7 letters SOTHERE
Some D: drive inserts 6 letters CDROMS
Big name in little trains 6 letters LIONEL
Capital of Eritrea 6 letters ASMARA
React to Lassie Come Home say 4 letters WEEP
Looms on a doomsayer’s sign 6 letters ISNEAR
Neat drink’s lack in bar lingo 5 letters ROCKS
Old man take ___ at my life (Young lyric) 5 letters ALOOK
Shiny lip application 5 letters GLOSS
Guitar great ___ Paul 3 letters LES
Street of Ste.-Foy 3 letters RUE


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