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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 21 2022 Answers:

Ill-considered evidence of a feverish disposition 4 letters RASH
Acquits the sailor and finds the right answer 8 letters ABSOLVES
A facial expression – a sinister one 7 letters GRIMACE
Mouth a letter 5 letters DELTA
When the mail arrives from commune? (363) 12 letters
Former forward and a very good one too 6 letters EXPERT
A child of the pen 6 letters CYGNET
In which to have a peaceful dip? (75) 12 letters
Some taunt I live up to 5 letters UNTIL
It’s just retribution 7 letters NEMESIS
Doubtless people do! (44) 8 letters FEELSURE
An error in the field 4 letters SLIP
A dredger to be considered 8 letters REGARDED
Reacted like a startled horse and threw 5 letters SHIED
Bather in difficulty may get out of it 6 letters BREATH
Parts of the barracks not messes though! (75) 12 letters
It’s useless shielding a bad crook 7 letters VILLAIN
Dash out for fish 4 letters SHAD
Become an apprentice – editor perhaps? (48) 12 letters
Rises to announce the exhibition’s ready for opening? (62) 8 letters STANDSUP
Traipse around for some money 7 letters PIASTRE
The first to reach a sporting conclusion 6 letters WINNER
Support the breaking of a lease 5 letters EASEL
Handy aid to warmth 4 letters MUFF

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