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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Ulster is disturbed in consequence 6 letters RESULT
Splits remaining in the Civil Service 6 letters CLEFTS
Private trials maybe (67) 13 letters
Provide new gear as compensation 7 letters REDRESS
The French money regularly used by Caesar 5 letters LATIN
Mabel changes to a leisurely pace 5 letters AMBLE
Afternoon meal served on the flight? (43) 7 letters HIGHTEA
Is it judged by experts on figures? (67) 13 letters
Jockeys on contract 6 letters RIDERS
He is in charge of ecclesiastical tolls 6 letters SEXTON
Make a note of a fine achievement 6 letters RECORD
An acoustic device for discovering the opinion of the directors! (85) 13 letters
Put a match to high explosive – moving with alacrity! 5 letters LITHE
German temptress producing a different role by the French one 7 letters LORELEI
What the girl who wishes to be a blonde hopes to receive? (49) 13 letters
Such a protracted time to say goodbye (24) 6 letters SOLONG
Be quiet about mother’s financial failure 5 letters SMASH
One who throws out a safety seat 7 letters EJECTOR
He attends to the top dressing 6 letters BARBER
To outrage the feelings with a mass of untidy hair 5 letters SHOCK
Nothing removed from the drawing box 6 letters CARTON
Green species in variety 5 letters GENRE

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