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Irish News Quick Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

Irish News Quick Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Uncertainties 6 letters DOUBTS
Ticklish 6 letters TRICKY
Bubbling 13 letters
Criticism 7 letters COMMENT
Efficacious 5 letters VALID
Embrace 5 letters CLASP
Sediment 5 letters DREGS
Rub out 5 letters ERASE
Propitiate 7 letters APPEASE
Dull 13 letters
Aviation 6 letters FLYING
Border 6 letters FRINGE
Soak 6 letters DRENCH
Strangeness 13 letters
Laconic 5 letters TERSE
Get back 7 letters RECOVER
Fire 13 letters
Submits 6 letters YIELDS
Trivial 5 letters PETTY
Dulcify 7 letters SWEETEN
Snub 6 letters REBUFF
Bear 5 letters CARRY
Association 6 letters LEAGUE
Puzzle 5 letters POSER

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