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Irish Times (Simplex) – Apr 28 2023 Crossword

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‘Listen, listen, … gay / No haughty feat of arms I tell’ (Walter Scott) LADIES
Affirmative wedding reply IDO
Arrange so as to be straight ALIGN
Bothersome, irritating ANNOYING
Bring up the salary increase RAISE
Carbohydrate in potatoes STARCH
Carted Hal off to church CATHEDRAL
Ceremonial or stiffly polite FORMAL
Clock or watch TIMER
Containers for liquid, thermos say FLASKS
Deviations from the normal or common ANOMALIES
Device designed to deaden sound SILENCER
Enraged IRATE
Female sheep EWE
Good-humoured, cheerful JOVIAL
Gravely or ceremonially SOLEMNLY
Hostile, unfavourable INIMICAL
Intended, had in mind MEANT
It measures air pressure BAROMETER
Jeffrey Donaldson’s party DUP
Linear extent LENGTH
Make too low an estimate of UNDERRATE
Of the moon LUNAR
Owing, perhaps money INDEBT
Perhaps MAYBE
Postal tokens STAMPS
Prize in recognition of achievement AWARD
Rooms on board CABINS
Standards of performance by students GRADES
Steadfast and true FAITHFUL
Stop, give over DESIST
Students and eye apertures PUPILS
Took away weapons DISARMED
Tool for punching holes AWL
Tooth doctors DENTISTS
Utterly defeated in a contest or hit hard with a tool HAMMERED


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