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L.A. Times Daily – Jun 16 2024 Solutions

Clues Answers
“Am __ the right track?” ION
“Cut it out!” STOPTHAT
“FWIW” kin IMO
“Gimme a break!” CMON
“I can relate,” online MOOD
“I’m off” BYE
“I’m __ here” OUTTA
“Lady Tan’s Circle of Women” novelist See LISA
“Leaping lizards!” ISAY
“Moon and Half Dome” photographer Adams ANSEL
“Parks and Rec” character Swanson RON
“Solitude is the richness of __”: May Sarton SELF
“Sorry, it’s __ from me” ANO
1980s sitcom ET ALF
2007 Heisman winner Tim TEBOW
A bit of tea, in a way RUMOR
Actor Kilmer VAL
Actor McGregor EWAN
Advocate para las mujeres FEMINISTA
Andes lake TITICACA
Antidiscrimination inits EEO
Applies USES
Australian mine finds OPALS
Ballet __ FLAT
Barn nestling OWLET
Big drink QUAFF
Big name in baked goods SARALEE
Blasphemy and sacrilege IMPIETIES
Buenos __ AIRES
Building with wings? HANGAR
Callback alternative HOLD
Clorox brand PINESOL
Come to TOTAL
Compliment on the green NICEPUTT
Condé __ NAST
Confused LOST
Cybertruck maker TESLA
Defect to the prosecution midtrial? FLIPHALFWAYTHROUGH
Developmental period PHASE
Disney queen who says, “You can’t marry a man you just met” ELSA
Divisive pizza topping ANCHOVIES
Dressage pace TROT
East Coast rd USONE
Elemental unit ATOM
Emer. message SOS
Facial feature unique to humans CHIN
Feathery accessory BOA
Follower of hee and yee HAW
Ford Field team LIONS
Formal affair wear TAILS
Furniture designer Charles EAMES
Garlicky emulsion AIOLI
Go after grime SCRUB
Gory, perhaps RATEDR
Got into the weeds? HOED
Grace period? AMEN
Great Plains people ARAPAHO
Harmonize SYNCH
HBO’s “__ Detective: Night Country” TRUE
Head, as a meeting CHAIR
Honest-to-goodness ACTUAL
Ibsen’s “Peer __” GYNT
Instruction for the host of a comedic takedown? ROASTUNTILTENDER
Join together ADD
Leafy green also known as silver beet CHARD
Like a toddler with finger paints MESSY
Like Mr. Peanut MONOCLED
Clues Answers
Like much of Hawaii LUSH
Make paper bag puppets, perhaps CRAFT
Measure for 90-Across CARAT
Meditate ahead of a big tennis match? CHILLBEFORESERVING
More than a stone’s throw AFAR
Most foul ICKIEST
Musical Hall partner OATES
NBA star Westbrook, to fans RUSS
NFL star __ Beckham Jr ODELL
Not bamboozled by ONTO
Not mandatory OPTIONAL
Not on land ASEA
Nueve menos uno OCHO
Olympian Bolt USAIN
One not into amorous love, briefly ARO
One way to analyze music TONALLY
Open a joint savings account? MIXTHEDOUGH
Opposing vote NAY
Org. that maintains kayfabe during shows WWE
Ouzo flavor ANISE
Overactors HAMS
Part of enby NON
Parts and labor fig EST
Perch output ROE
Petal support SEPAL
Pleases no end ELATES
Powerful engine VSIX
Prestreaming devices, for short DVRS
Prone to shrinking? SHY
Reuters peer UPI
Roman 19-Across VIII
Schmoozing by boozing WINING
Secret repository CACHE
Sierra Nevada lake TAHOE
Singer Dua __ LIPA
Singers Green and Yankovic ALS
Sinister BALEFUL
Slug cousin SNAIL
Small disputes TIFFS
Sound heard twice in a lifetime? LONGI
Sp. or Ital LANG
Speed-of-sound ratio MACH
Spineless MEEK
Sweltering HOT
Take effect SETIN
Tap again, in a way REAPPOINT
Tater __ TOT
Terrycloth wrap TOWEL
The “B” of BFF BEST
Title of a medieval tale? SIR
Toms and drakes HES
Took legal action SUED
Toss and turn all night? STIRFREQUENTLY
Turnarounds UEYS
Tuscan setting for novelty photos PISA
Twain character FINN
Tyler Perry character MADEA
Uncertainties IFS
Uncover BARE
Used a snowboard RODE
Vaccine tool SYRINGE
Washington’s “Lilac City” SPOKANE
Ways to go ROUTES
What the best mystery writers know how to do? FINISHWITHATWIST
Whole host o’ LOTTA
Whole-grain cereal brand KASHI
Wolfe of “Three at Wolfe’s Door” NERO
__ board SOUNDING
__ House: “Jane Eyre” setting MOOR
__ Park: Meta site MENLO


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