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L.A. Times Daily – Jun 23 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Awesome!” RAD
“__ pasa?” QUE
“Delish!” YUM
“It’s all untrue!” LIES
“Rules __ rules” ARE
“__ say!” ILL
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Attend without a partner GOSOLO
Backup squads BTEAMS
Beatles song with the lyric “Sunday morning creeping like a nun” LADYMADONNA
Berry that’s a superfood ACAI
Bottom-dwelling fish MUDEEL
Bounces back RALL
Bright bloom DAHLIA
Cheek SASS
Corpus __: prosecutor’s concern DELICTI
Coup de __ GRACE
Cranks (up) REVS
Depilatory brand NAIR
Early Beatle Sutcliffe STU offering RECIPE
Exercise aftermath ACHE
Exploit USE
Extremely beautiful, perhaps HEARTST
Finnish conductor __-Pekka Salonen ESA
First member of SCOTUS to officiate a same-sex wedding RBG
Fistful of bills WAD
Freedoms protected by the Equality Act, and an apt title for this puzzle? LGBTQRIGHTS
Froyo choice TOPPING
German article EIN
Got bronze? TANNED
Gymnast Simone BILES
Halloumi, e.g CHEESE
Henner of “Taxi” MARILU
Hesitant sound ERM
Indian state known for white-sand beaches GOA
Lab container VIAL
Leaves the larval stage PUPATES
Legends on the road ACURAS
Lucille Clifton’s “Homage to My Hips,” for one ODE
Manga artist Junji ITO
Michael of “SNL” CHE
Minor matter NIT
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Noisy toy RATTLE
Nutrition fig RDA
On the __ LAM
Oroville structure DAM
Osaka currency YEN
Petro-Canada rival ESSO
Possess OWN
Post-op area ICU
Pouty face MOUE
Prepared for a close-up shot PANNEDIN
Québec chum AMIE
Quilting technique APPLIQ
Remorseful ASHAMED
Rosalind of 2020’s “Mulan” CHAO
RuPaul’s competition DRAG
Satellite signal FEED
Seafarer’s choice during a storm TRYSAIL
Sideburn neighbor EAR
SLR setting FSTOP
Some Arctic Cats SNOWMOB
South Asian festival of lights DIWALI
Subject of many June parades PRIDE
Tour vehicle, quaintly MOTORBUS
Tree favored by giraffes ACACIA
Trees with many streets named after them ELMS
Truculent behavior, informally TUDE
Warming up the car, say INIDLE
Web page standard HTML
Went fast SPED
Window part PANE
__ double take DOA
__ school MED


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