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L.A. Times Daily – Jun 24 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“Should I believe this?” ISITTRUE
“Some things are best left unsaid” TMI
“The Audacity of Hope” memoirist OBAMA
“This is fun!” WHEE
“To put it mildly” ANDTHENSOME
“__ bien!” TRES
31-Down singer James ETTA
Announce with pomp HERALD
Apprehension DREAD
Appropriate time for acting unprofessionally AMATEURHOUR
Barbershop fixtures TENORS
Butter up, in a way BASTE
California town near the Oregon border YREKA
Common ingredient in wellness products ALOE
Court activity TENNIS
Creamy cold beverage LASSI
Creamy hot beverage LATTE
David Rakoff compositions ESSAYS
Dude BRO
Dull sound THUNK
Dumpling cooker STEAMER
Easy to maneuver, at sea YARE
Facilitated EASED
Film site IMDB
First name in soul ARETHA
Fixin’ to GONNA
Gallery display ART
Gallery visitor, perhaps AESTHETE
Geographic feature of nine states PANHANDLE
Hesitant sounds UMS
Hide away STASH
Hinged fasteners HASPS
However, briefly THO
Ice planet with tauntauns and wampas HOTH
In the saddle AHORSE
Insightful remark AHA
Jazz classic with the line “My lonely days are over” ATLAST
Lack of space? AIR
Leal of “Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin” SHARON
Legal conclusion? ESE
Long-tailed birds PHEASANTS
Longtime “Last Call” host DALY
Looks out for, in a way ABETS
Makes sure of SEESTO
Many Bangkok Post readers THAIS
Med. specialty ENT
Moccasin sound HISS
New beginning? NEO
Ones fluent both in JavaScript and Klingon, perhaps UBERNERDS
Penner of classic tributes ODIST
Plush toy in a Margery Williams classic VELVETEENRABBIT
Pour house? WINEBAR
Prepare, as leftovers REHEAT
Sparks st NEV
Spy rings? PEEPHOLES
Sweetener option AGAVE
Teaching aids that illustrate everyday life REALIA
Tender spots SORES
To the __ degree NTH
Tree whose roots contain nitrogen-fixing organisms ALDER
Turkey bacon? LIRA
Tyson rival PERDUE
Unfamiliar ALIEN
Writer whose first novel was adapted as a film by Wayne Wang AMYTAN
Youngest MLB player to record 100 career home runs and 100 career stolen bases MIKETROUT


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