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L.A. Times Daily – Jun 27 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
“All’s __ in love and war” FAIR
“And others” abbr ETAL
“I Think About You” country singer Collin RAYE
“Murder, __ Wrote” SHE
“No kidding?” ITIS
*Fall planting in a flower garden TULIPBULB
*Noise blocker EARPLUG
*Ocular opening EYESOCKET
*Parachute opener RIPCORD
11-Across employee: Abbr AGT
Actor Clark of Marvel films GREGG
Actress Arthur BEA
Actress Fanning DAKOTA
Alpine warbles YODELS
Anti-narcotics org DEA
Chew the fat GAB
Churchill Downs events RACES
Clerical robes ALBS
Code entered by a debit card user PIN
Dangerous African snake MAMBA
Face-to-face exam ORAL
Facetious comment when turning on a device whose components end the answers to the starred clues LETTHEREBELIGHT
Former “SNL” regular Gasteyer ANA
Four pairs EIGHT
French wine classification CRU
Friendly dog’s offering PAW
Gate update: Abbr ETD
Geppetto’s boy PINOCCHIO
Gloomy __: pessimistic one GUS
Golfer Palmer ARNOLD
Got larger GREW
Greek lamb wrap GYRO
Had some grub ATE
Hamburger choice BEEFPATTY
Hand-held allergy treatment EPIPEN
Has a hunch FEELS
Heated to bubbling BOILED
Hill-building insect ANT
Illinois county or its seat PEORIA
Informal contraction AINT
Japanese noodle dish RAMEN
Jazz trumpeter Jones THAD
Late news hour ELEVEN
Like many a coastal drive SCENIC
Lunar cycle part PHASE
Make furious ANGER
Misted (up) FOGGED
Paradise EDEN
Partner of faith and charity HOPE
Paths to take ROUTES
PC key near Ctrl ALT
Perches in churches PEWS
Prominent NOTED
Puzzle with symbols REBUS
Roam around ROVE
Rock instrument GUITAR
Rosy RED
Scored against, as on a tennis serve ACED
Sharp-witted ASTUTE
Shoe bottoms TREADS
Singer India.__ ARIE
Spades, but not shovels SUIT
St. Patrick’s Day mo MAR
Swear (to) ATTEST
Tablet alternative GELCAP
Taunting syllable that’s usually repeated NYAH
Tenant’s monthly payment RENT
Test score GRADE
That, in Spanish ESO
Thicken, as cream CLOT
Tire inflation abbr PSI
Tresses HAIR
Two-time Oscar nominee Naomi WATTS
Vowel fivesome AEIOU
Yearly pro golf event USOPEN
__ and beans RICE
__ Grand: Las Vegas casino MGM
__ Moines, Iowa DES


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