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L.A. Times Daily – Jun 28 2023 Crossword

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“Bad Romance” singer Lady __ GAGA
“Golly!” OHGEE
“Ha! You believed me!” PSYCH
“I get it now!” AHA
“I needed that!” AAH
“Nobody doesn’t like __ Lee” SARA
“Phooey!” DARN
“The Golden Girls” city MIAMI
10K, for one RACE
Academic hurdle EXAM
Apple Watch med. app ECG
Before now AGO
Beginning and end of a phoenix ASH
Bellyache MOAN
Bit of folklore MYTH
Blood bank supply PLASMA
Board game with settlers CATAN
Burn a bit CHAR
Business abbr INC
By way of VIA
Cairo’s river NILE
Characteristic TRAIT
Chef Samin who wrote the cookbook “Salt Fat Acid Heat” NOSRAT
Comet, to some OMEN
Containers in a British pantry TINS
Cornerstone abbr ESTD
Costa __ RICA
Country whose national anthem is “Jana Gana Mana” INDIA
Dance versions of songs, e.g REMIXES
Earhart’s field AVIATION
Fire dept. volunteer, perhaps EMT
First-class AONE
Flimsy THIN
Forest WOODS
Former name of Kia’s K5 sedan OPTIMA
Glitch ERROR
Golden __ AGER
High-jumping antelopes IMPALAS
Hit a low note? MOOED
In the lead ONTOP
Like some 1950s cars FINNED
Mad (at) SORE
Newborn horse FOAL
Nonromantic, as a friendship PLATONIC
Not any NONE
Old Russian ruler TSAR
Orderly NEAT
Parade shower CONFETTI
Partner and the kids, briefly FAM
Pastrami bread RYE
Plant, as seeds SOW
Poetic dawns MORNS
Privy to INON
Recap of a dollar bill’s journey from the mint to a wallet? SINGLESTORY
Recap of an anatomy lesson? ORGANRECITAL
Recap of the biopic “Walk the Line”? CASHACCOUNT
Recap of the rise and fall of Peloton? SPINNINGYARN
Risotto grain RICE
Sandpaper coarseness measure GRIT
See 6-Across STU
Shapewear brand SPANX
Silent assent NOD
Son of Odin THOR
Studio with a lion mascot MGM
Support for calves, but not cows LEGRESTS
Take a bite, say TRY
Take steps ACT
Tennis star Agassi ANDRE
The first “A” in CAT scan AXIAL
Tristan’s beloved ISOLDE
Unlikely to bite DOCILE
Update a cartographer’s work REMAP
Vietnamese soup PHO
Waterfall spray MIST
Wetlands plant CATTAIL
Wine adjective DRY
With 8-Down, “The Simpsons” character in a rhinestone suit DISCO
__-pop: electronic music genre SYNTH


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