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L.A. Times Daily – Nov 24 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Best. Day. __!” EVER
“Shoot!” ASK
“That’s __-brainer!” ANO
“The Night Circus” novelist Morgenstern ERIN
“The Wallflower” jazz singer James ETTA
“The Wizard of Oz” setting KANSAS
“Yeah, why not?” SURE
“__ Misérables” LES
Aardvark meal ANTS
Achievement for a goal-oriented player? HATTRICK
Airport rental CAR
Allude (to) REFER
App pop-ups ADS
Beast of burden BURRO
Breaking point LASTSTRAW
Called before NEE
Chevy subcompact AVEO
Coming up ONTAP
Concentrate FOCUS
Cookie with a limited edition Pumpkin Spice flavor OREO
Cy Young stat ERA
Dartboard wood ELM
Egyptian snakes ASPS
Facial mask targets PORES
Follows a pattern, say SEWS
Fundamentals ABCS
Future resident INTERN
Game cube DIE
Garlicky dish SCAMPI
Gin and tonic DRINKS
Gp. for the troops USO
Half of half-and-half CREAM
Ham or lamb MEAT
Hardens SETS
Has status RATES
Herpetologist’s employer ZOO
High-voiced Muppet ELMO
Idolized athletes, and an apt title for this puzzle? SPORTSHEROES
Intro to physics? META
Join the chorus SING
Lean-__ TOS
Like a wide load OVERSIZED
Make waves? PERM
Mideast birthplace of actress Gal Gadot ISRAEL
Monopoly token replaced by a cat IRON
Mushroom top CAP
Nasty hangover? SMOG
Old audio systems HIFIS
Pronged spears TRIDENTS
React to an awkward moment, say CRINGE
Rise to the top of a news feed, say TREND
Seamaster watchmaker OMEGA
Secret supply STASH
Spanish Mrs SRA
Stadium sign BANNER
Staff symbol REST
Stuff CRAM
Sushi wrapper NORI
The Brewers, in box scores MIL
Turquoise kin TEAL
Uncanny EERIE
Vice president between Quayle and Cheney GORE
Vital blood vessel AORTA
Webster’s shelfmate ROGETS
When a member of the Justice League has possession of the football, __ FLASHDRIVES
When one of Marvel’s Avengers needs to create a lineup card, __ VISIONPLANS
When one of the X-Men needs to communicate with the pitcher, __ STORMSIGNALS
Willing to take risks DARING
Word before and after sweet HOME
Writer Bombeck ERMA
__ interest VESTED
__ Martin ASTON
__ on the side of caution ERR
__ test BETA

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