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Metro Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

Metro Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

Biblical boat 3 letters ARK
Riyadh residents 5 letters ARABS
To __; also 4 letters BOOT
TV’s What Not to __ 4 letters WEAR
Actress Katey 5 letters SAGAL
Artist Warhol 4 letters ANDY
Not on time 4 letters LATE
Book spine info 5 letters TITLE
Staircase piece 4 letters STEP
Down in the dumps 9 letters DEPRESSED
Unexceptional 4 letters SOSO
Tempt 4 letters LURE
Perish 3 letters DIE
Wings it 6 letters ADLIBS
__ with; making eyes at 8 letters FLIRTING
Unchains 5 letters FREES
Pencil sharpener part 5 letters CRANK
Monopoly game token 3 letters CAR
Pedicurist’s focus 4 letters TOES
Fork part 5 letters PRONG
Paper towel brand 4 letters VIVA
In the __; ultimately 3 letters END
Got up 5 letters AROSE
La Toya’s sis 5 letters JANET
Set limits on 8 letters RESTRICT
Bewilder; astound 6 letters BOGGLE
Skirt’s edge 3 letters HEM
Wild animal 4 letters BOAR
Get __ ship; disembark 4 letters OFFA
Seaside walkway 9 letters ESPLANADE
About .035 ounces 4 letters GRAM
Bravery 5 letters VALOR
Granola bits 4 letters NUTS
Gather leaves 4 letters RAKE
Reform one’s ways 5 letters AMEND
Abbr. after Texas or Georgia 4 letters TECH
For Your __ Only; 007 film 4 letters EYES
__ the way; pioneers 5 letters LEADS
Your 3 letters THY
Belt-maker’s tool 3 letters AWL
Try out for a part 4 letters READ
Prince George’s mum 4 letters KATE
Fall flowers 6 letters ASTERS
Elevate 5 letters RAISE
Allstate employees: abbr. 4 letters AGTS
Bundle of hay 4 letters BALE
Enjoying a winter sport 8 letters SLEDDING
__ hound; long-eared dog 6 letters BASSET
Hang __; keep 4 letters ONTO
Poems of praise 4 letters ODES
Secretary’s error 4 letters TYPO
Answers 7 letters REPLIES
Massages 4 letters RUBS
Rile 3 letters IRK
Time __ time; repeatedly 5 letters AFTER
Stingless bee 5 letters DRONE
Important U.K. city 5 letters LEEDS
Winter accumulation 5 letters FROST
Pathway 4 letters LANE
Sweet coating 5 letters ICING
Everybody’s button 5 letters NAVEL
Pizza recipe verb 5 letters GRATE
Swamp critter for short 4 letters CROC
Ancient 8 letters PRIMEVAL
Hobo 7 letters VAGRANT
Common verb 3 letters ARE
Singer Baez 4 letters JOAN
River through London 6 letters THAMES
Planks 6 letters BOARDS
Hair color 5 letters BLOND
Bogeyman 4 letters OGRE
Ravel at the edges 4 letters FRAY
Charlatan 4 letters FAKE
Unchanged 4 letters SAME
Desperate request 4 letters PLEA
Song for two 4 letters DUET
Carve letters 4 letters ETCH
Not at all forward 3 letters SHY


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