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Metro Crossword November 17 2022 Answers

Metro Crossword November 17 2022 Answers:

Fine spray 4 letters MIST
Firebug’s crime 5 letters ARSON
Kill 4 letters SLAY
Jai __ 4 letters ALAI
Moocher 5 letters LEECH
Barcelona bull 4 letters TORO
Head problem 4 letters LICE
U.S. state capital 10 letters LITTLEROCK
Suffix for racket or auction 3 letters EER
Towboats 4 letters TUGS
Gracefully flexible 5 letters LITHE
Oak nut 5 letters ACORN
Nervous twitch 3 letters TIC
Wreak havoc on 6 letters DAMAGE
Giggle 6 letters TITTER
Last letter 5 letters OMEGA
Prayer before meals 5 letters GRACE
Hockey goal 3 letters NET
Ready to be eaten 4 letters DONE
Hen’s comment 5 letters CLUCK
Oscar hopeful 4 letters STAR
Not at home 3 letters OUT
Smooth and glossy 5 letters SLEEK
Uppsala resident 5 letters SWEDE
New police officer 6 letters ROOKIE
Few & scattered 6 letters SPARSE
Salsa or guacamole 3 letters DIP
Pass out 5 letters FAINT
Blinds alternative 5 letters SHADE
Baby in the woods 4 letters FAWN
The Goldbergs network 3 letters ABC
Mightily 10 letters POWERFULLY
In __ of; as a substitute for 4 letters LIEU
Mimics 4 letters APES
Wipe away errors 5 letters ERASE
__ more; again 4 letters ONCE
Trial run 4 letters TEST
Become a member of 5 letters ENTER
Seeks answers 4 letters ASKS
Guy 4 letters MALE
Athlete Nastase 4 letters ILIE
U.S. state capital 10 letters SACRAMENTO
__ Me Kangaroo Down Sport 3 letters TIE
Charm 6 letters ALLURE
Rule 5 letters REIGN
__ out; begins a trip 4 letters SETS
Part of fall: abbr. 3 letters OCT
Org. for Sharks & Sabres 3 letters NHL
No-nonsense 6 letters STRICT
Money slangily 4 letters LOOT
Foot part 4 letters ARCH
Pair of oxen 4 letters YOKE
Privileged group 5 letters ELITE
Old Roman robe 4 letters TOGA
Canary’s home 4 letters CAGE
Lyme disease transmitter 4 letters TICK
Nincompoop 4 letters DODO
Love in Paris 5 letters AMOUR
Carpet fastener 4 letters TACK
Puts on a show 10 letters ENTERTAINS
Is literate 5 letters READS
__ club; singing group 4 letters GLEE
Kick oneself for 3 letters RUE
Beech or birch 4 letters TREE
Use shears 4 letters CLIP
Waterbird 4 letters SWAN
Tommy Moe or Bode Miller 5 letters SKIER
Revolve 4 letters SPIN
Weirdest 6 letters ODDEST
Diane or Forrest 6 letters SAWYER
Test answer choice 5 letters FALSCH
Falling-out 4 letters SPAT
Optimism 4 letters HOPE
Flabbergasts 4 letters AWES
__ as a pancake 4 letters FLAT
Call’s partner in phrase 4 letters BECK
Actor’s prompts 4 letters CUES
__-fi-fo-fum 3 letters FEE
Ode on a Grecian __ 3 letters URN
Hawaii’s Mauna __ 3 letters LOA

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