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NetWord Crossword July 06, 2024

Author: by Lester Ruff

Image enhancers BINOCS
Wound down ABATED
’30s obstacle eponym MAGINOT
It’s southeast of Grenada TOBAGO
What makes flamingos pink CAROTENE
Locate then track LOCKON
Many a silicate ORE
Bike attachment SIDECAR
Star of Life wearer EMT
Nonclassified letters MISC
Coins with flags with crescents LIRAS
Was to be: Lat. ERAT
Last South African prime minister BOTHA
Short time, for short MIN
Copy of a kind CLONE
Spearmint or citronella ESSENTIALOIL
Funds needed for ongoing costs FLOATINGCAPITAL
JFK and relatives AIRPORTCODES
Zenith opposite NADIR
Small-or-large screen suffix COM
Something fitted for a ‘fro DORAG
Sticking point TINE
Sounds distressed GULPS
It’s off-limits NONO
__ result ASA
Liked by a lot POPULAR
Caviar on a canape GOB
Tricky pitch SINKER
Digital indulgence MANIPEDI
What some teeth do INCISE
Explosive compound NITRATE
Moles, for instance AGENTS
Slugs. say SNAILS
Nearly nonexistent BAREST
Voy, in Valencia IGO
Trivial points NITS
Joe Morgan gave his Cooperstown induction speech (2022) ONEIL
What might hold the mayo CONDIMENTCUP
They’re behind the wheel STEERINGCOLUMNS
He stood on the western edge of the Earth ATLAS
Vulgarian BOOR
“It’s easy as 1 2 3” ABC
Get fixed TAKEROOT
Altruism’s opposite EGOMANIA
Keep it to yourself DONTTELL
Toon twin in overalls MARIO
Something to part with COMB
“How are you?” “__” CANTCOMPLAIN
Bargain bin buy CHEAPIE
Author named for Emerson ELLISON
One of $ix Tycoon’s subjects ASTOR
Clad like Vlad CAPED
Major address, since 2005 SIR
One of DC’s 35-Across (first spelled with its third letter moved to first) IAD
Film first called The Concert Feature FANTASIA
Acting as intermediary LIAISING
Shells, for instance ORDNANCE
Its origin story is told in The Man Who Made Lists ROGETS
Subtitle for Coleridge’s “Dejection” ANODE
Big portion of the Mongol Empire GOBI
’90s family at One Observatory Circle GORES
“Little old driver so lively and quick” SANTA
Mole, for instance PEST
Colleague of Queen Bey RIRI
Close ones KIN
Close one PAL


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