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New York Times – Jan 19 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Despacito’ singer Fonsi LUIS
‘Ditto here’ SOAMI
‘I’m all ears’ LAYITONME
‘Killer’ members of a pod ORCAS
‘Resident Alien’ channel SYFY
‘Son of,’ in Arabic BIN
‘That’s nice!’ AAH
2021’s Illinois vs. Penn State football game featured nine of these, an N.C.A.A. record OTS
A founding member of 5-Across USA
Accumulate charges … or what you must do to answer four clues in this puzzle RUNUPATAB
Adriatic coast resident CROAT
All-you-can-eat venues with elbows and bow ties PAST
Audibly blown away AGASP
Bearded grazer GNU
Brick material ADOBE
Bring down, informally DEMO
Buddhist scripture SUTRA
Candy originally marketed as a smoking cessation aid PEZ
Clears (out) AIRS
Clip component SCENE
Close ones PALS
Compound in pheromones ESTER
Cornfield formation MAZE
Damage MAR
Dixieland or bebop vis-à-vis jazz SUBGENRE
Ducks, in poker TWOS
Enjoy a bit of downtime DOZE
Extensive BROAD
Favorably inclined toward PRO
Favored PET
Get the ball rolling, in a way BOWL
Group in which Iceland is the only member without an army NATO
Guru’s honorific SRI
High degree PHD
Holiday hit by Eartha Kitt SANT
Home run specialists, slangily BIGBATS
Isla de la Juventud locale CUBA
It may have a down side ESCALATOR
Keeps out BARS
Kinderklaviers TOYPIANOS
Like V.I.P. accommodations POSH
Lil ___ X NAS
Log feature GNARL
M.M.A. finale? ARTS
Make-believe SHAM
Multinational financial services firm AON
Not on the dot TARDY
One in a skirmish COMBATANT
Palm reader’s lead-in ISEE
Pamper BABY
Party in a biblical swindle ESAU
Pistons great Thomas ISIAH
Places to rest or sleep DENS
Postseason game played in Phoenix FIEST
Ready to pour ONTAP
Rhyming competition RAPBATTLE
Short-armed ‘Toy Story’ character REX
Skilled climber in the logo of Italy’s Gran Paradiso National Park IBEX
Some leafy greens? TEAS
Starting on ASOF
Step in a mathematical proof LEMMA
Tackle part REEL
Timberwolves, e.g NBATEAM
Tiptop SUPER
Traveled to another country WENT
Trusted supporter HENCHMAN
Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley OLSENS
Unit associated with waves HERTZ
Volleyball maneuver SET
Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Amish Paradise,’ for one SPOOF
Wipe out NEGATE
Word after circle or square DANCE
___ change (profound transformation) SEA
___ Newsroom (daily newscast) CNN


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