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New York Times – Jul 1 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Anything Goes’ writer Porter COLE
‘Beowulf’ and ‘Gilgamesh,’ for two EPICS
‘George,’ in aviation slang AUTOPILOT
‘High five!’ UPTOP
‘His ___ little mouth was drawn up like a bow’ (line from ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas’) DROLL
‘Skip me’ IPASS
‘Well, that much was clear’ SOIGATHERED
‘You there!’ HEY
A, for one ARTICLE
Absence excuser DOCTORSNOTE
Ancestral emblem TOTEM
Anxiety UNEASE
Bat signal SONAR
Betray nervousness, in a way STAMMER
Celebrate, as a new year RINGIN
Certain creature comfort? DOGBED
Certain surprise party? AMBUSH
Cheat BILK
Chess ranking system named for a Hungarian physicist ELO
City planner, at times ZONER
Classic Beat Generation roman à clef ONTHEROAD
Department store that once sold mail-order houses SEARS
Disney villain inspired by the drag queen Divine URSULA
Dispenses, with ‘out’ DOLES
Don’t match CLASH
Drain TIRE
Dutch scientist with an eponymous ‘cloud’ OORT
Fatigues, familiarly CAMO
First word in a 13-Across DEAR
Flinches, but only a little BATSANEYELASH
Forest giant REDWOOD
German food that’s better than it sounds? WURST
God who is destined to slay the serpent Jörmungandr THOR
GPS guess ETA
Holes in the wall? OUTLETS
Like some N.S.F.W. content EROTIC
London-based insurance company LLOYDS
Mark’s replacement EURO
Mulligan REDO
NewLeaf potato, e.g., in brief GMO
One holding all the cards DEALER
Outer ear? HUSK
Peeved, for short POD
Pepper, for one: Abbr SGT
Poet Scott-Heron GIL
Popular pet originally from Mongolia GERBIL
Present-day request? LETTERTOSANTA
Ray on one’s TV ROMANO
Right on a map EAST
Rocks ICE
Royal attendant PAGE
Sassy, letter-shaped gesture accompanying a retort ZSNAP
Saw and punch TOOLS
Say ‘Yay!,’ say CHEER
Sequence of steps DANCEROUTINE
Shift, for one DRESS
Study of riddles ENIGMATOLOGY
Subway stop: Abbr STA
They’re offered seven times a year SATS
Via, on signs THRU
What one star may represent EASY
Word with boot or spaghetti STRAP
___ End (setting in ‘The Lord of the Rings’) BAG


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