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New York Times – Jul 2 2023 Crossword Answers

‘… is there a reason, though?’BUTWHY
‘Although …’UNLLESS
‘Be right with you!’OONESEC
‘Don’t be ___!’SHY
‘Man of the open country,’ in GenesisESAU
‘My goodness!’MERCY
‘Olympia’ painterMANETT
‘Put your wallet away’ONME
‘Stop, I’m blushing!’YOUFLATTERME
‘This was fun, but I gotta go’ITSBEENREAL
‘___ Rosenkavalier’DER
‘___ that somethin’!’AINT
1980 film that led to the creation of the Academy Award for Best MakeupTHEELEPHANTMAN
A couple of chips, sayANTE
Abraham Accords country: AbbrUAE
Accept, as lossesEAAT
Actor OliverPLATT
Actress LongNIA
AirPods, e.gEEARBUDS
Airport across the bay from SFOOAK
Alien film franchise, for shortMIB
Alley ___OOP
Alternative to a monthly chargeANNUALFEE
Angles above 90 degrees?HOTYOGA
Asks to joinWANTSIN
Attention-grabbing protestsDIEINS
Author of ‘The Climate Book,’ 2022THUNBERG
Author/economist EmilyOSTER
B to B, e.gOCTAVE
Band with the 2021 #1 hit ‘Butter’BTS
Break after a major fall?SNOWDAY
Broadway, e.gAVENUE
Called upRANG
Cat, in SpanishGATO
Certain side wagers, informallyPROPBETS
Charlotte ___, capital of the U.S. Virgin IslandsAMALIE
Cheri of HollywoodOTERI
Chill place to stay?ICEHOOTEL
Chinese zodiac animal of 2023RABBBIT
Coast, in a waySLED
Coin toss spots, onceTOLLBOOTHS
Collegiate beaver mascot whose name is its school spelled backwardTIM
Conductor ZubinMEHTA
Contents of some streaks on cheeksMASCARA
Court countNINE
Crystal containerGEODE
Deer ___, Maine vacation destinationISLE
Designer SchiaparelliELSA
Devious sortsIMPS
Diner caddy offeringSUGAR
Does an impression ofAPES
E.R. linesIVS
Evening coffee orderDECAFLATTE
Feature that helps to avoid late penaltiesAUTOOPAY
Female 20-DownDOE
File menu optionSAVEAS
French 101 verbETRE
Future 122-AcrossOVULE
Future flowerSEED
G, in the C scaleSOLL
Garage brandSTP
Georgetown athleteHOYA
Give inYIELD
Go down in flamesTANK
Greek vowelETA
Group of candidatesSLATE
High standards established by a predecessor … or what you are presented with in this puzzle?BIGSHOESTOFILL
Hill who wrote ‘Speaking Truth to Power’ANITA
Hopping joint?KNEE
Important part of a toddler’s dayNAPTIME
In which ‘P or Q, but not both’ is represented as (P∨Q)∧¬(P∧Q)SYMBOLICLOGIC
Informal farewellSEEEYA
It goes in and outFAD
Its name derives from the Washoe for ‘lake’TAHHOE
Jazz genre for Charlie ParkerBEBOP
Like heterochromia in eyesRARE
Like some winter roadsSLUSHY
Linguistic group including Zulu and XhosaBANTU
Longed (for)YEARNED
Loudly chastiseYELLAT
Love, at the LouvreAIME
Mages’ accessoriesSTAFFS
Makes a case against, saySUES
Mobile homes, punnilyWHEELESTATE
National org. that doesn’t actually have an age requirement for membershipAARP
OB/GYN offeringIUD
Oil company with toy trucksHESS
Online initialism rarely meant literallyLLOL
Overseer of Windy City buses and trains, in briefCTA
Paella seasoningSAL
Pantomimes, perhapsACTS
Peacock seen on TVNBCLOGO
Pentathlon eventEPEE
Petrol brandESSO
Poetic lamentELEGY
Pottery ovenKILN
Prefix with sphere or systemBIO
Prefix with sphere or systemECCO
Proxima Centauri, e.gREDDWARF
Rated ridesUBERS
Razor edges?ARS
Ready-to-go link?SET
Recliner settingDEN
Sch. whose mascot is Brutus BuckeyeOSU
Secretary of the interior HaalandDEB
Shocked soundsGASPS
Show excessive affection towardSMOTHER
Silicon Valley, e.gTECHHUB
Software engineer, for shortDEV
Soup often made with rice vermicelli noodlesPHO
Stephen K. ___, British stand-up comedianAMOS
Sullivan’s opponent in a landmark free speech case: AbbrNYT
That guy’sHIS
The ‘I’ in FIFA: AbbrINTL
Think ofRECALL
Turns downDIMS
Twitter usernameHANDLE
Under 1%, saySKIM
Vegetable that can be slimy when cookedOKRA
Ventimiglia of ‘This Is Us’MILO
We don’t talk about thatTTABOO
What ‘X’ could mark on a mapPIRATESBOOTY
What always has time on its handsWATCH
What follows You on the internetTUBE
Wildlife spotted in Haleakala National ParkNENE
___ checkGUT
___ Negro (Amazon tributary)RIO
___-Missouria TribeOTOE


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