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New York Times – Jul 3 2023 Crossword

‘A long time ___ …’AGO
‘Have you ___ wondered …?’EVER
‘I hate it!’UGH
‘Is the view OK?’CANYOUSEE
‘Oh, I’m not messing around!’JUSTYOUWAIT
‘Puppy Love’ singer PaulANKA
‘– – –’ units in Morse codeDAHS
Alien’s ride, for shortUFO
Art ___ (architectural style)DECO
Big member of the string sectionUPRIGHTBASS
Cincinnati ball clubREDS
Coffeecake with cross-sectional swirlsBABKA
Cry of frustrationARGH
Decorates, as a cakeICES
Disney deerBAMBI
Elevator for transporting foodDUMBWAITER
Embarrassing sound to suddenly make while laughingSNORT
Epic poem in Homeric GreekILIAD
Fold in a dressPLEAT
French yesesOUIS
Get some afternoon rest, sayNAP
Got going again, as a fireRELIT
Hades, Hermes or HephaestusGOD
Having initial success … as suggested by the beginnings of 17-, 24-, 47- and 60-Across?OFFTOAGOODSTART
Hogwarts headmaster DumbledoreALBUS
Last full month of summer: AbbrAUG
Letters that bookend the phrase ‘Google Maps,’ aptlyGPS
Links orgPGA
Locales staffed by M.D.sERS
Looks to beSEEMS
Luau greetingALOHA
Member of a Western tribeUTE
Miles Davis classic that’s the all-time best-selling jazz albumKINDOFBLUE
Milk sourceUDDER
Morsel a horse’ll enjoyOAT
Motorcycle gang memberBIKER
Neon, argon and kryptonNOBLEGASES
Olympic sport from JapanJUDO
One of Cuba’s Castro brothersRAUL
Out of whackAWRY
Piece that seeks to persuadeOPED
Place to parkLOT
Pour love (on)DOTE
Pretty terribleLOUSY
Professionals who work with graphic designersARTEDITORS
Really annoyPEEVE
Rubber ducky’s placeBATH
Russian revolutionary TrotskyLEON
Sexiest Man ___ (annual award)ALIVE
Shout that might give you goose bumpsBOO
Singer GuthrieARLO
Steakhouse optionTBONE
Tennis legend ArthurASHE
The ‘A’ of I.P.AALE
The ‘M’ of MSGMONO
The night before Christmas, e.gEVE
Things ‘split’ in green soupPEAS
Things that might end with ‘Pencils down!’TESTS
This clue’s number minus eightONE
Underground part of a plantROOT
Used a shovel, sayDUG
Uses needle and threadSEWS
Very dirty room, you might saySTY
Video camera buttonREC
Video game franchise whose players gather natural resourcesMINECRAFT
Vietnam’s capitalHANOI
Wedding wordsIDO
What can show you the world?ATLAS
What the Grim Reaper bringsDEATH
Worker at a bank or museumGUARD
___ Bator, capital of MongoliaULAN


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