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New York Times – Jul 4 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Clear now?’ SEE
‘Deal me a hand’ IMIN
‘Library-like’ section of an Amtrak train QUIETCAR
‘Moby-Dick’ captain AHAB
‘The way,’ in Mandarin TAO
‘Whatever you want — just say!’ NAMEIT
‘___ is never finished. Only abandoned’ (old saying) ART
2017 Pixar film with two Oscars COCO
2022 murder mystery movie with cameos by Serena Williams and Yo-Yo Ma GLASSONION
Aid for a broken bone SPLINT
Alleged offender, to a cop PERP
Apart (from) ASIDE
Assumed names ALIASES
Cigarette discards BUTTS
Common cookout fare whose toppings can be found stacked in this grid BURGER
Common patio furniture wood TEAK
Compound in some trendy oils CBD
Dalai ___ LAMA
Damage MAR
Debut performance PREMIERE
Disapproving noises TSKS
Disney princess with a tail ARIEL
Even one ANY
Exam overseer PROCTOR
Flanged support beam IBAR
Glide across a frozen pond, say ICESKATE
Goat’s plaint MAA
Grain in an energy bar OAT
Hairstyle associated with punk culture MOHAWK
Hillenbrand who wrote ‘Seabiscuit: An American Legend’ LAURA
Hoppy brew, for short IPA
Irritate VEX
Item on the back of a Jeep TIRE
Kylo ___ (‘Star Wars’ antagonist) REN
La Louisiane, par exemple ETAT
Leave alone LETBE
Letters before Q, sometimes LGBT
Like morbid humor DARK
Lima’s home PERU
Little stinker BRAT
Maker of bricks that weigh less than an ounce LEGO
Makes a mistake ERRS
Message that may include emojis TEXT
Minor quibble NIT
Moon’s makeup, fancifully GREENCHEESE
Most evident PLAINEST
Movie rating scale with ‘Fresh’ and ‘Rotten’ labels TOMATOMETER
Naval conflict SEAWAR
Number of legs on a crab TEN
Nut that’s a stimulant BETEL
Oscar ___, portrayer of Duke Atreides in ‘Dune’ ISAAC
Overthrow DEPOSE
Passed with flying colors ACED
Peninsula northeast of Africa ARABIA
Place for a facial SPA
Play bookie TAKEBETS
Question ___ MARK
Really feeling it, so to speak SORE
Recycling container BIN
Regret RUE
Rose or fuchsia HUE
Second-greatest oil producer in OPEC IRAQ
Some college entrance exams, redundantly SATTESTS
Some M.I.T. grads, for short EES
Some nest eggs, for short IRAS
Sphere of expertise AREA
Sport craze of the 2020s PICKLEBALL
Stuff that’s the opposite of stuff ANTIMATTER
Summer setting in N.Y.C EDT
Tasteless TRASHY
Took to court SUED
Touches on something sensitive HITSANERVE
Unleavened Indian flatbread ROTI
Zoom, maybe MEET
___ four PETIT


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