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New York Times – Jul 5 2023 Crossword

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‘Don’t go!’ STAY
‘Good golly!’ LORDY
‘Inside the N.B.A.’ personality ONEAL
‘Look!,’ to Lucretius ECCE
‘Oh!,’ in Augsburg ACH
‘That. Is. Nuts.’ MINDBLOWN
‘What Richard Wright wrote’ could be the first line of one HAIKU
‘___ fair in love and war’ ALLS
‘___, mi dicon venal’ (Puccini aria) GIA
2020 Oscar winner for Best Original Song, ‘Fight for You’ HER
Actor John of ‘Star Trek’ films CHO
Actress Swinton TILDA
Also-ran LOSER
Arm bones ULNAS
Attire GARB
Best Supporting Actress nominee for ‘The Whale,’ 2022 HONGCHAU
Came down ALIT
Canon camera EOS
Cartoon corporation that sells Rocket-Powered Roller Skates ACME
Cheese that’s often smoked GOUDA
Chum PAL
Cinco menos tres DOS
Couture letters YSL
Debaucherous deity SATYR
Deficit in knowledge, e.g GAP
Diner seating option BOOTH
Diwali dress SARI
Drink suffix ADE
Enters illegally BREAKSIN
Fashion MAKE
Gas station with an arrow in its logo SUNOCO
Gnats and boll weevils PESTS
Grin from ear to ear BEAM
House Beautiful subject DECOR
Ill-fated lover of Pyramus THISBE
Imbibe cautiously TAKEASIP
Immersive gaming device, informally VRHEADSET
In need of rinsing, say SOAPY
Inspiration for a noted Keats poem URN
Introduction to magic? ABRA
Janeiro a dezembro ANO
Legal, in a way ADULT
Like one of two Roman Plinys ELDER
Many modern warehouse workers ROBOTS
Member of the C-suite EXEC
Messenger ___ RNA
Of times past OLDEN
Org. that was central to 1998’s Good Friday Agreement IRA
Plum used to flavor spirits SLOE
Pointy bits of camping gear STAKES
Prepares, as leftovers WARMS
Rake in EARN
Rapper with the 2014 hit ‘Hangover’ PSY
Security Council nix VETO
Shoelace tip AGLET
Square things ATONE
The Horned Frogs of the Big 12 Conf TCU
They’re not from around here, in brief ETS
Thor and others AVENGERS
U.S. 1, for one: Abbr RTE
Under heavy demands TAXED
Unit for a review STAR
Wedding 11-Across IDO
Wedding ___ VOW
Well ventilated AIRY
Westernmost D-Day beach UTAH
What’s put on in a theater SHOW
Worker in the insurance business AGENT
[aria-label] Citizen of a country, written in a different language HEBREWNATIONAL
[aria-label] Dairy aisle food, written in a different language GREEKYOGURT
[aria-label] Humanoid toy, written in a different language RUSSIANDOLL
[aria-label] Mathematical characters, written in a different language ARABICNUMERALS
[aria-label] Two-player board game, written in a different language CHINESECHECKERS
___ Gardens, UNESCO World Heritage site in London KEW


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