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New York Times – Jul 6 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Do you ___?’ MIND
‘Everyone’s accounted for’ ALLHERE
‘Get lost!’ GOFLYAKITE
‘More or less’ SORTA
‘So ___ say’ THEY
‘That’s ___ shame’ AREAL
*Concrete component CENT
*Neighbor of Saudi Arabia YEN
*Response to a knock on the door COIN
*Their history is celebrated in March WON
A.T.M. button ENTER
Actress Alexis of ‘Gilmore Girls’ BLEDEL
Acts of downsizing CUTS
Anago, at a sushi restaurant SEAEEL
Appt. scheduler, say ASST
Artist’s studio ATELIER
Backing for an argument, so to speak AMMO
Band whose jukebox musical led to a pair of films ABBA
Bird with a bluish neck and green eggs EMU
Bit of dust MOTE
Boosters, e.g SHOTS
Bug spray ingredient DEET
Caesarean delivery? ETTU
Call up EVOKE
Caption on a makeover photo AFTER
Christmas pudding ingredient SUET
City where the 41-Across was commissioned ROME
Clearly, in a text OBVI
Comic routines BITS
Conspiring (with) INLEAGUE
Cream alternative ECRU
Crunch, e.g CANDYBAR
Designation for very minor stars DLIST
During AMID
Earn … or what answering the starred clues will do in each case MAKEMONEY
Executes DOES
Fix firmly EMBED
Garlicky condiment AIOLI
Gave a thumbs-up OKED
German sausage, informally BRAT
Get big, as a hashtag TREND
Gripes BEEFS
Head line? BRAINWAVE
It’s from the underside of a hide SUEDE
Like a Pac-Man T-shirt, say RETRO
Like devoted fans AVID
Michelangelo’s only signed work PIETA
Not bold TIMID
Not expected UNFORESEEN
Otis’s feline friend in a 1989 film MILO
Perfect HONE
Pet carrier features AIRHOLES
Place for a reading PALM
Post-deadline LATE
Pro___ (for now) TEM
Pupil’s surrounding IRIS
Recess NOOK
Reddit Q&A AMA
Request regarding ‘the ball game’ … or instructions for answering the starred clues TAKEMEOUT
Say it all? ENUNCIATE
Some manga adaptations ANIME
Some spots ACNE
Spell ‘mispell,’ e.g ERR
Super-selective ELITE
The emptier it is, the more of it you have ROOM
They’re often steamed, then rolled OATS
Town near Arches and Canyonlands National Parks MOAB
Visually assess EYEUP
Where a dot may be a date TIMELINE
Word with bus or door STOP
___ of the game AHEAD


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