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New York Times – Jul 7 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn’ artist AIWEIWEI
‘Or, here’s a thought …’ NEWIDEA
‘The virtue of the lukewarm,’ per Sartre MODESTY
‘Uh-oh, our parents will kill us!’ WERESODEAD
‘Whoa! … say what?!’ REWIND
‘You interrupted me …’ IWASNTDONE
2022 Tour de France champion Jonas Vingegaard, for one DANE
24-hr. retail channel HSN
Actor Russell of ‘Escape From New York’ KURT
Aggregates TOTALS
Back order? STAYAWAY
Backdrop for the 2019 film ‘1917’: Abbr WWI
Big trap MAW
Bit of slow motion, in a way LAG
Block from working, with ‘up’ GUM
Bound HOP
Business in which one is paid to establish relationships DNATESTING
Catalonia neighbor ARAGON
Common cold reaction? BRR
Condense, as text EDITDOWN
Counter offer? FREESAMPLE
Cry accompanying ‘Whoopee!’ IWON
Cut out for it ABLE
Difficult position, maybe ASANA
Evening in Amalfi SERA
Exaggerated workload TON
Festive Islamic greeting EIDMUBARAK
Fill with gas AERATE
Gathering, informally SESH
Guac and queso, at some restaurants ADDONS
Humorous nickname for a raccoon TRASHPANDA
Ice, in some product names SNO
II or III, perhaps SON
Infant’s interjection GOO
Jared who played Morbius in 2022’s ‘Morbius’ LETO
Just about here NIGH
Keep out BAN
Magical item held by Aladdin LAMP
Metamorphosing little creature NEWT
One past a quarter SEMI
One specializing in 26-Across GENETICIST
One who’s loyal to a fault RIDEORDIE
Out in public? OPENLYGAY
Permissions OKAYS
Play checkers, informally REFS
Poker prize POT
Port city that’s an anagram of 9-Down ADEN
Private support grp.? USO
Requiring immediate attention DIRE
Rice dishes traditionally made with saffron PAELLAS
Second AIDE
Shortcut key CTRL
Skittles and darts, e.g PUBGAMES
Some Facebook pings POKES
Some food drive donations TINS
Some murals URBANART
Some party planning inspirations THEMES
Southern Tibetan people SHERPA
Stimulate WHET
Superfan’s purchase SEASONPASS
Support staff CANE
Target Field team TWINS
Terse admission IAM
Things that are beside the point? CENTS
Track around a park, maybe PAWPRINT
Useful chain for dog owners PETCO
Virtual game described as a cross between Tamagotchi and Pokémon NEOPETS
What might accompany a headlock NOOGIE
What might bring the heat DUCT
___ Tomé SAO
___ Voyage, long-running London-based holographic concert ABBA


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