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New York Times – Jul 9 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Also …’ AND
‘Charge!’ ATTACK
‘Huh, fancy seeing you here!’ OHHI
‘Let me say that again …’ IREPEAT
‘Old ___’ (country standard) SHEP
‘Split’ bit PEA
‘The Gilded Age’ channel HBO
‘The Jetsons’ dog ASTRO
According to ALA
Actor’s audition tape REEL
Actors Holm and McKellen IANS
Adds liquor to SPIKES
Adjust TWEAK
Alaskan city that sounds like it belongs in a 41-Down NOME
Baby name that doubled in popularity in 2014, thanks to Disney ELSA
Be in limbo PEND
Ben Jonson love poem of 1616 TOCELIA
Blacken TAR
Blank ___ SLATE
Brewery container ALEKEG
Builders of braided fiber bridges INCA
Canal locale EAR
Capital in the Land of the Midnight Sun OSLO
Caustic substances LYES
Cease-fire TRUCE
Celebrity gossip show ENEWS
Charming bunch? COVEN
City in Uttar Pradesh AGRA
City on the Arkansas River TULSA
City that calls itself ‘The Heart of Texas’ WACO
Classic figure in Arnold Lobel books TOAD
Column in an advice column DOS
Concerning driveway sight OIL
Dance craze of the 2010s NAENAE
Davenports SOFAS
Deer departed? VENISON
Detox destination SPA
Don’t NONO
Durable, water-resistant wood TEAK
Easily removable part of a car’s interior MAT
Elbow room LEEWAY
Emotional, in a way TEARY
Entwined WOVE
Fiddle (with) TOY
File a Led Zeppelin album under Z, say MISSORT
Film director Roth ELI
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
First steps in many home renovations, informally DEMOS
Flik was one in a Pixar flick ANT
General rule PRECEPT
Getting crusty CAKING
Greek god of the sky ZEUS
Grp. going over the falls? OSHA
Hairy cousin of TV and film ITT
Half of a religious title DALAI
Heart chambers ATRIA
Hershey candy brand ROLO
Hill in the Highlands BRAE
His death sparked a civil war known as the Year of the Four Emperors NERO
Hoarse … or a dog HUSKY
In the offing AHEAD
Influential writer of erotica NIN
Instrument that sounds much like a glockenspiel CELESTA
Italian meat entree, informally VEALPARM
Kerfuffles ADOS
Kind of pants that are baggy HAREM
Kind of sax ALTO
Knight-wear? MAIL
Komodo dragons and Gila monsters LIZARDS
Let the cat out of the bag BLAB
Letters that aptly fill the blanks in: __ __sturba__ce DIN
Like a good shot in soccer ONGOAL
Like a rake ROGUISH
Like a spoon in a magic show BENT
Like hair after being rubbed with a balloon, maybe ONEND
Little stinker BRAT
Long-running procedural set in D.C NCIS
Maguire of ‘Spider-Man’ TOBEY
McEntee’s product IRISHTEA
Medical research org NIH
Mihrab : mosque :: ___ : church APSE
Musical set in Buenos Aires EVITA
Newsroom post DESK
Nine to five, maybe ODDS
Noisy fight ROW
Nostalgic filter SEPIA
Ogden Nash’s ‘Kind of an ___ to Duty’ ODE
Ones holding hands? ULNAE
Optimistic ROSY
Org. created the same year as Earth Day EPA
Organic compound ESTER
Paleo’s opposite NEO
Person on talk radio CALLER
Ph.D. projects THESES
Picker of a peck of pickled peppers PETER
Plot, perhaps GARDEN
Portal in Mario games PIPE
Prop in ‘The Shining’ AXE
Push-up muscle, in brief PEC
Red alert? STOPSIGN
Relative of Ltd INC
Responsibility ONUS
Sailing ASEA
Seal the deal ICEIT
Seamus ___, Nobel Prize-winning poet HEANEY
Slowpoke SNAIL
Soul proprietor? KIA
Source of the line ‘Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands’ PSALMS
Source of Tibetan cheese YAK
Squeezes (out) EKES
Start at the end? TEE
Subjects to slight ridicule TWITS
Suffer from insomnia LIEAWAKE
Symbolic object TOTEM
ThinkPad maker LENOVO
Title in Portuguese SAO
Unleash upon LETAT
Unsolved, as a math problem OPEN
Was shocked … shocked! GASPED
What might follow a recitative, in music ARIA
Whom a public defender might go up against, familiarly THEDA
Zebra REF
[aria-label] Depiction of ‘Nihao’ in simplified Chinese * This puzzle has an important note. Tap the ‘i’ to read. * CHARACTERSKETCHES
[aria-label] Depiction of a device that randomly selects numbered balls * This puzzle has an important note. Tap the ‘i’ to read. * LOTTODRAWING
[aria-label] Depiction of a gavel and scales * This puzzle has an important note. Tap the ‘i’ to read. * LEGALREPRESENTATION
[aria-label] Depiction of a laptop * This puzzle has an important note. Tap the ‘i’ to read. * COMPUTERICON
[aria-label] Depiction of a person going ‘Ptui!’ * This puzzle has an important note. Tap the ‘i’ to read. * SPITTINGIMAGE
[aria-label] Depiction of a person with a tennis racket and a person with a golf club * This puzzle has an important note. Tap the ‘i’ to read. * SPORTSILLUSTRATED
[aria-label] Depiction of person carrying a box into a van * This puzzle has an important note. Tap the ‘i’ to read. * MOVINGPICTURE
[barf] GAG
___ & Allies (board game) AXIS
___ jumping (Olympic sport) SKI
___ soup MISO


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