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New York Times – Jun 24 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Arrival’ arrivals, for short ETS
‘Elvis has left the building’ EVERYBODYGOHOME
‘I’m beat!’ WHATADAY
‘Ms. Marvel’ actress Vellani IMAN
‘South,’ in Hanoi NAM
‘Stronger than grease’ sloganeer AJAX
‘Thanks, ___’ (catchphrase of the 2010s) OBAMA
2006 play with question ‘Why didn’t you burn the tapes?’ FROSTNIXON
Apple co-founder Steve, familiarly WOZ
Augments, in a way PADS
Bahraini bigwig SHEIKH
Be a b-boy or b-girl, say BREAKDANCE
Benedict Arnold sort JUDAS
Benefit SAKE
Biggest city on Puerto Rico’s southern coast PONCE
Bit of fiction TALE
Blue hue CYAN
Certain missing link APEMAN
Coach pullers TEAM
Comment that might follow ‘None for me, thanks’ IMONADIET
Confidentiality contract, in brief NDA
Eastern ___ SEABOARD
Egg on URGE
English channel BBC
Exploited ABUSED
Fatty tuna, on a sushi menu TORO
Flooring that provides good thermal insulation CORK
Gentle rock arrangements? ZENGARDENS
Household item whose name comes from the French for ‘down’ DUVET
Integration calculation AREA
Island near Montecristo ELBA
Isn’t right ERRS
It can’t be helped REFLEX
It has a hook and, sometimes, two claws COATHANGER
Line on a map? YOUAREHERE
Low bar AXLE
Malik ___, actor on ‘God Friended Me’ YOBA
Not straight WAVY
One of the Kardashians KHLOE
Ones waving at people who might be on their way out? PRIDEFLAGS
Output of some taps ALES
Overseas sailor LIMEY
Poison ivy, e.g VINE
Relative of leggings YOGAPANTS
Rubbish DROSS
Some Coloradans UTES
Some noisy birds JAYS
Some old accounts LORE
Something that needs a spell checker? BEE
Splits in midair? JETE
Sports stud CLEAT
Steady BEAU
Steamed Chinese snack also called char siu bao BBQPORKBUN
Steven ___, former energy secretary with a Nobel Prize in Physics CHU
Summons, e.g WRIT
Symbol of Russia BEAR
They’re at least a 7 BASES
This and that OLIO
Transported BORNE
Unbalanced BATTY
Uranium source ORE
Video game console sold with a Robotic Operating Buddy (R.O.B.) NES
Watch TEND
Words accompanying a snap, perhaps QUITDAYDREAMING
___ season FLU


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