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New York Times – Jun 25 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Are you freaking kidding me?’ FORREAL
‘Bleeding Love’ singer Lewis LEONA
‘Grand slam’ in showbiz EGOT
‘I wish I were under four feet tall,’ e.g.? SHORTLONGING
‘Whoa there, Warren G.!’? EASYHARDING
1970 hit for Neil Diamond SHILO
A kiss, a hug, a wave, the works? WHOLEPARTING
Act on behalf of FILLINFOR
Ad Council output, in brief PSA
Adjective often capitalized in the Bible HIS
Analogy words ISTO
Author who wrote ‘Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them’ AAMILNE
Bear, in Bogotá OSO
Bet bit CHIP
Bit of a fit SNIT
Bit of doubling down from a parent ISAIDNO
Black humor BILE
Broad valley DALE
Bubbly, in a way FOAMING
Career for a scammer? PROCONNING
Carnival ride PONY
Certain government agent, informally FBISPY
Chili variety that means ‘wide’ in Spanish ANCHO
Choler IRE
Common pet name SWEETIE
Compliment for a lexicographer? NICEMEANING
Considerably large, in Appalachian dialect RIGHTSMART
Coors of brewing fame ADOLPH
Course number PAR
Crab or lobster DECAPOD
Cutting class in med school? ANATOMYLAB
Diatribes RANTS
Dinner date that makes a good story? ODDEVENING
Double-helix material DNA
Dripping in jewelry, slangily ICY
Earthling, in sci-fi TERRAN
End of a college search? EDU
Energy option NUCLEAR
Event at a hot new club? INOUTING
Family-friendly ratings PGS
Famous drawing of a ship? SIRENSONG
Food fight sounds SPLATS
For whom the bell tolls THEE
For-eh-ver AGES
Former Indigenous inhabitants of modern-day Buffalo ERIES
Forwards RESENDS
Friend group PALS
German ‘village’ DORF
Go ‘poof!’ VANISH
Goes on and on and on JABBERS
Good name for a political pundit? ILENE
Great garage sale find STEAL
Greetings HELLOS
How Cassius looks to Caesar, in Shakespeare LEAN
Increases GAINS
It’s guarded in soccer SHIN
Jedi ally from Endor EWOK
Kapoor who played the game show emcee in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ ANIL
Kate of ‘House of Cards’ MARA
Kicks down the road PUNTSON
Kind of lily SEGO
Kind of race that’s not quite a half-marathon TENMILE
Late ___ FEE
Lead guitarist of Queen, who has a Ph.D. in astrophysics BRIANMAY
Leading ONTOP
Like much prized blue-and-white porcelain MINGERA
Lot lot AUTOS
M.S.G. team, on scoreboards NYK
Making an impression? APING
Many a ‘Survivor’ setting ISLE
Muscle relaxers HOTPACKS
Muse of comedy and idyllic poetry THALIA
Name found on a calendar APRIL
New England vacation destination, familiarly THECAPE
Nickname for Atlanta THEA
Not quite enough ONETOOFEW
One of two for six of VIII? ANNE
Org. concerned with plants OSHA
Party person HOST
Pocket at a restaurant PITA
Prefix in the names of many causes ANTI
Public hatred ODIUM
Publication co-founded in 1889 by Dow and Jones, in brief WSJ
Real dope GOOF
Record LOG
Red grp GOP
Regret RUE
Relationship conditions, so to speak STRINGS
Repeated small role for Paul Rudd ANTMAN
Resting place TOMB
Richard Parker in ‘Life of Pi,’ for one TIGER
Rock’s ___ Brickell & New Bohemians EDIE
Rural greeting HOWDEDO
Scissors’ sound SNIP
Score on a clean sheet NIL
Secret service member? ELOPER
Serve, as messy cafeteria food SLOPON
Sight along a country road SILO
Six-winged biblical being SERAPH
Some gas stations, in brief BPS
Some of the wildlife in the 20,000-year-old paintings in Lascaux Cave DEER
Some work at a car wash DETAILING
Sommelier’s superlative OAKIEST
Squid squirt INK
Still fighting INIT
Still shot of a moving image, in tech-speak SCREENGRAB
Stop hiding behind? MOON
Street clearers PLOWS
Tactical reductions in lighting, as during W.W. II DIMOUTS
Test subject LABANIMAL
Texter’s toodle-oo TTYL
Thanksgiving table decoration GOURD
That one will never have again OFALIFETIME
That’s in Seine! EAU
The first man ever created, in Maori lore TIKI
Theater rival of Regal and Cinemark AMC
Tiny trunks SPEEDO
Title of an essay by a hit man? ONOFFING
Touches on both sides SPANS
Transcript fig GPA
Tried to engineer an advantage ANGLED
Unclaimed area NOMANSLAND
Weeks, in Oaxaca SEMANAS
What prices and hearts may do SOAR
What’s said in passing? NAH
Word after Minute or meter MAID
Work-from-home wear, informally SWEATS
You might see one upside down on a bar STOOL
___ Troi, character on ‘Star Trek: T.N.G.’ DEANNA


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