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New York Times – Jun 29 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
‘Free to pursue other opportunities,’ dysphemistically AXED
‘Notorious’ initials RBG
‘Start running … now!’ OKGO
‘You don’t say!’ GOSH
America’s first vice, so to speak ADAMS
Any Simpsons character TOON
Asylum seeker, maybe REFUGEE
Big baddie OGRE
Birthplace of Zeus, in Greek myth CRETE
Borax, for one CHEMICAL
Camera with an optical viewfinder, in brief SLR
Captain’s emergency quarters SEACABIN
Cat, vis-à-vis milk LAPPER
Catch, in a way HEAR
Clubby order, for short BLT
Creator of U.S. flood maps FEMA
Crossbreeds smaller than ligers TIGONS
Dedicated address? ODE
Demi ___ (Victoria’s Secret offering) BRA
Digs in the winter? DEN
Director Lee ANG
Dismissible MERE
Energy industry transport COALER
Equipment GEAR
European capital that uses the Cyrillic alphabet SOFIA
Explicit STATED
Facilitate ENABLE
Fail to articulate, in a way SLUR
Feature of the flags of Lebanon and Belize TREE
First name in pilsners STELLA
French clog … and the root of an English word meaning ‘disrupt’ SABOT
Game of catch? TAG
Garment providing lower back support during pregnancy BELLYBAND
Grubs, e.g BAIT
Heap of junk SCRAPPILE
Heavenly messengers, in Madrid ANGELES
ID since the Great Depression SSN
Lend a hand PITCHIN
Letters of interest APR
Luminance SHEEN
Meas. roughly equivalent to a burning match BTU
Member of the genus Vespa HORNET
Members of the genus Apis BEES
Mexican beach resort, informally CABO
Network where ‘Impractical Jokers’ originated TRUTV
Odd fellows, informally RANDOS
Old-time poker LANCE
One-sixth of the world’s ground surface until 1991, in brief USSR
Org. supporting the Lovings in the 1967 Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia ACLU
Oscar-winning director Kazan ELIA
Patagonian prairie LLANO
Period of concealed development LATENCY
Phasmophobic’s fear GHOST
Pigment made from iron ore OCHER
Poet whose Latin name relates to sheep OVID
Port tower TUG
Provides lodging for BILLETS
Reacted purposefully when handed ‘the ball’ RANWITHIT
Runs through STABS
Secure, as an interview LAND
Serious GRAVE
Sharing in a symbol of commitment … or what four rows in this puzzle are doing to form new phrases EXCHANGINGRINGS
Sheath of connective tissue FASCIA
Sweet-talk, maybe WOO
They do bettors one better RAISERS
Thomas Hardy title character TESS
Tittle DOT
Vehicle with a spotlight and municipal plates, most likely COPCAR
Very tight squeeze BEARHUG
Was clear as a bell? RANG
What many beachgoers do BAKE
___ Productions (media company) HARPO


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