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New York Times – Nov 21 2022 Crossword Answers

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‘Be quiet!’ HUSHUP
‘My turn!’ IMUP
‘Unacceptable!’ THISWONTDO
‘___ it on me!’ LAY
‘___ regret that!’ YOULL
Accra’s country GHANA
Air pollution portmanteau SMAZE
Alley ___ OOP
Alternative to Venmo ZELLE
Athletic org. with a 2020 reboot XFL
Author Harper ___ LEE
Big name in S.U.V.s GMC
Branded freebies at an event SWAG
California’s ___ Fernando Valley SAN
Cheadle of the Avengers films DON
Co. honchos CEOS
Ditty TUNE
Exclamation of approval GOODONE
Far from strict LAX
Feeling anxious ONEDGE
Football stat: Abbr ATT
Give off, as light EMIT
Go crazy RUNWILD
Goddesslike pop or opera star DIVA
Grassy plain in South America LLANO
Harrison Ford’s ‘Star Wars’ role HANSOLO
Having a thermal exhaust port lead straight to the reactor of your Death Star, e.g FLAW
Included on an email, briefly CCED
Inquisitive to a fault NOSY
International event where 17-, 28- and 48-Across can be heard WORLDCUP
It means ‘plaster’ in Italian STUCCO
Kevin ___, former ‘Weekend Update’ anchor on ‘S.N.L.’ NEALON
Largest of the Greek islands CRETE
Latte art medium FOAM
Like many sign language users DEAF
List-ending abbr ETAL
Musical symbol resembling an ampersand CLEF
Mythical river of the underworld STYX
N.Y.C.-based pioneer in instant messaging AOL
Old westerns, informally OATERS
Particulars, slangily THEDEETS
Pennypincher CHEAPO
Places to find lions, tigers and bears ZOOS
Purges (of) RIDS
Puts in office ELECTS
QB protection squads OLINES
Races, as an engine REVS
Reeeeeeeeally long celebratory cry GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL
Repetitive cry of encouragement OLEOLEOLEOLEOLE
Requiring rare knowledge ARCANE
Requiring rare knowledge ESOTERIC
Rock’s ___ Leppard DEF
Rowlands of ‘Gloria’ GENA
Salsas, e.g. … or salsa moves DIPS
Sappho’s ‘___ to Aphrodite’ ODE
Shock STUN
Small but important machine part COG
Some eye sores STYES
Something to maintain during a conversation EYECONTACT
Sounds from babies and pigeons COOS
South African horn that produces only one note VUVUZELA
Superlative suffix EST
Teensy bit TAD
The ‘E’ of 27-Down, for short EXEC
Tilling tool HOE
Train service to 33 countries EURAIL
Unit of resistance OHM
Victory of all victories EPICWIN
Vote in favor YEA
What was all about Eve? EDEN
Wingtip-to-wingtip measurement SPAN
Word before or after spa DAY
Yellowfin tuna AHI
Zoned (out) SPACED
___ alla vodka PENNE

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