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New York Times – Nov 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Ish’ ORSO
‘Scram!’ GIT
‘Vous ___ d’ici?’ (‘Are you from around here?’: Fr.) ETES
‘___ Nothing Holdin’ Me Back’ (2017 hit by Shawn Mendes) THERES
*1971 film about coming of age in a small, one-cinema Texas town, with ‘The’ LASTPICTURESHOW
*Eloquence said to be acquired by kissing the Blarney Stone GIFTOFGAB
*Exams that value analysis and understanding more than rote memorization OPENNOTETESTS
*Owning, as an achievement TAKINGCREDITFOR
*Van Morrison song aptly featured in ‘An American Werewolf in London’ MOONDANCE
Abrasion SCRAPE
Actress Taylor-Joy of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ ANYA
Assigned letter evaluations to, as term papers GRADED
Blog feed inits RSS
Careless or carefree BLITHE
Cassis cocktail KIR
Chimes in with ADDS
Chinese dialect spoken mainly in Hunan province XIANG
College applicant’s concern DEADLINE
Country singer Yearwood TRISHA
Crafty SLY
Fleur-de-____ LIS
Fond du ___, Wis LAC
Galaxy alternative IPHONE
Garnet, e.g GEM
Garret ATTIC
Gritty residue in a chimenea ASH
Hem’s partner in hesitation HAW
Home to ‘Homeland,’ in brief SHO
Inits. in Congress beginning in 2019 AOC
It’s like cheatin’ LYIN
Land of the Blarney Stone EIRE
Language in Delhi HINDI
Letters on old TV dials UHF
LGA and JFK’s location NYC
Like most bulk mail PRESORTED
Like some long trains BRIDAL
Longtime channel for Samantha Bee TBS
Lustful, informally RANDY
Major online brokerage ETRADE
Marked, as a ballot XEDIN
Moth’s cocoon phase PUPA
N.B.A. star Curry STEPH
Nail polish brand with a Mint Candy Apple shade ESSIE
Name hidden in ‘margin of error’ GINO
Noble designation TITLE
One sampling public opinion POLLER
One-named satirist of ancient Greece LUCIAN
Ore’s partner in frozen foods IDA
Origin of the words ‘jasmine’ and ‘julep’ FARSI
Part of a blackjack dealer’s ritual … or what this answer is doing vis-à-vis the answers to the starred clues CUTTINGTHECARDS
Pitcher’s stat ERA
Popular New Year’s resolution GETFIT
Rainbow, for one ARC
Reached base in a cloud of dust, say SLID
Right ___ ANGLE
Send to Washington, say ELECT
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Sign between Aquarius and Aries PISCES
Sloth, for one SIN
Some movers UHAULS
Summer pest GNAT
Swagger like Jagger, say STRUT
Take the edge off, in a way SAND
Therefore THUS
Tired phrase? INEEDANAP
Tournament advantage BYE
Unagi, e.g EEL
Unwanted effect in Olympic diving SPLASH
Words of sudden recognition OHITSYOU
Yearly celebration, for short BDAY
___ doble (Spanish two-step) PASO

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