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New York Times, Sunday, April 2, 2023 Crossword

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___ de vie EAU
___-nest MARES
A thick one may be found in a bank FOG
Above, to a bard OER
Academic must: Abbr. REQ
African menace TSETSE
Anago or unagi EEL
Apt word spelled by the new letters that alter this puzzle’s seven works FORGERY
Aren’t I somethin’?! YAYME
Baby hyena CUB
Baby’s first word, commonly MAMA
Big ball SOIREE
Big hit TRIPLE
Blue berry SLOE
Booze it up, old-style TOPE
Bottom of the Thames? ARSE
Bugaboo BANE
California city whose name means “tar” BREA
Canned tomatoes brand ROTEL
Cause of some Yellowstone traffic jams BISON
Coffee maker insert POD
Come next ENSUE
Comedy club sounds HAHAS
Cornerstone figs. YRS
Cowlick concealer HAT
Crop up ARISE
Curmudgeons CRABS
Cute vowel sound LONGU
Dalmatians, e.g. CROATS
Dance accompanied by pahu drums HULA
Darn it all! DRAT
Don’t judge a book by its cover, e.g. SAW
Dot-com start-up? HTTP
Drive-___ THRU
Embarrassing fail, in modern lingo BIGOOF
Enjoy more than one’s fair share of HOG
Essential qualities NATURES
Feature of decollete clothing LOWNECKS
First pope in a line of 13 LEOI
Flag carrier in the Mediterranean AIRMALTA
Flying invention by a classic automaker? / An iconic Klee REOBALLOON/REDBALLOON
Focusing issue, in brief ADHD
Giggle alongside (not at!) LAUGHWITH
Good practice for a half-marathon TENK
Grammy winner DiFranco ANI
Gravy, you might say EXTRA
Grp. with cryptanalysts NSA
Hang loose? DRAPE
Hankering ITCH
Hated with a passion LOATHED
Hmm, never really thought about it … OHIDUNNO
Hoppy offerings, in brief IPAS
How could you?!, playfully ETTU
Ill-considered UNWISE
In fashion? DRESSED
It is better to be ___ than to be pitied: Herodotus NVIED
It may lead to greener pastures RAIN
It’ll cost you USERFEE
Like in-flight smoking BANNED
Like some covers and kisses BLOWN
Loosen, as a spool UNREEL
Los ___, vacation hot spot in Mexico CABOS
Maximal ending EST
Modern vaccine component RNA
N.F.L. sportscaster Andrews ERIN
N.F.L. team with the mascot Sourdough Sam, to fans NINERS
N.Y.C. ave. east of Park LEX
Nah, you’re not! retort YEAHIAM
Nefarious EVIL
Neighbor of the “∼” key TAB
No small favor HUGEASK
No. for a resume TEL
Notice SEE
Notice SIGN
Oh, cry me a river! WAH
Old spy org. OSS
One may be on the house LIEN
Opposite of liberal doves? / An iconic Hopper RIGHTHAWKS/NIGHTHAWKS
Org. with X-rays TSA
Participate in a marathon, say BINGE
Per musician Charlie Parker, “If you don’t live it, it won’t come out your ___” HORN
Pitted against one another SETATODDS
Planning one’s 24-hour itinerary? / An iconic Michelangelo, with “The” CREATIONOFADAY/CREATIONOFADAM
Playground bully MEANY
Pooch, in slang DOGGO
Popular a.m. show, familiarly GMA
Port of Mexico PUERTO
Post-dinosaur period? / An iconic Magritte THEEONOFMAN/THESONOFMAN
Prey for a polar bear SEAL
Private meeting ONEONONE
Punk offshoot EMO
Put out EMIT
Quagmire MORASS
Rainbows in the sky, perhaps LGBTQFLAGS
Reason why Mercury gets eclipsed? / An iconic Botticelli THEGIRTHOFVENUS/THEBIRTHOFVENUS
Records of the past ANNALS
Relaxing soak WARMBATH
Remark from the financially or vertically challenged IMSHORT
Rocky Mountain state: Abbr. IDA
Run off at the mouth YAK
Schumer of comedy AMY
Scored, as free throws SANK
Slangy reply when Bart’s sister asks “What’s Covid?” / An iconic Leonardo THERONALISA/THEMONALISA
Some fairy tale characters DAMSELS
Some vow takers NUNS
Sounds of saxophones WAILS
Spaceship battle? / An iconic van Gogh THESTARRYFIGHT/THESTARRYNIGHT
Spoke menacingly HISSED
Sporting a natural style AFROED
Start for made or paid PRE
Stranger Things actress ___ Bobby Brown MILLIE
Student council electee, informally CLASSREP
Subject of the biography “Mr. Playboy” HEFNER
Super-dry SERE
Tell jokes until PowerPoint unfreezes, e.g. STALL
That ship SHE
Timbre TONE
Touch up, as text EMEND
Tree climbers, perhaps VINES
U.S. swimming gold medalist Ledecky KATIE
Unfortunately, yes AFRAIDSO
Vampire’s cry in sunlight ITBURNS
War game RISK
Wear down ERODE
West Coast football powerhouse, in brief USC
What a wristwatch wraps around ULNA
Where fur coats get cleaned? PETSPA
Where to hear amateur bands? HAMRADIO
Whip around wildly FLAIL
Why cases might go cold NOLEADS
Wipe clean, as a car SPONGEDOWN
Word of advice TIP
Work of praise ODE
Yippee! YAHOO
You’re on! ITSABET
Zip it! FLY
Zoos, so to speak MOBSCENES


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