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Penny Dell Crossword January 18 2023 Answers

Penny Dell Crossword January 18 2023 Answers:

Exclusive 4 letters SOLE
City in Arizona 4 letters MESA
Boor 3 letters CAD
Soon 4 letters ANON
Pliant 6 letters SUPPLE
Be 3 letters ARE
Talking bird 4 letters MYNA
Self-centeredness 6 letters EGOISM
Apogee 3 letters TOP
Free (from) 6 letters EXEMPT
Conceited person 4 letters SNOB
Oddball 3 letters NUT
Seville sun 3 letters SOL
Simian 5 letters APISH
Singing group 6 letters CHORUS
Pulling cord 7 letters TOWROPE
That guy 3 letters HIM
Small motorcycle 8 letters MINIBIKE
Caesar’s date 4 letters IDES
Biased one 5 letters BIGOT
Booby ____ 4 letters TRAP
Wage 8 letters PAYCHECK
Building annex 3 letters ELL
Tiny plant support 7 letters ROOTLET
Extremely 6 letters HIGHLY
Basil sauce 5 letters PESTO
Diminutive 3 letters WEE
Ornery tot 3 letters IMP
Cary’s ex 4 letters DYAN
Blackbeard e.g. 6 letters PIRATE
Rocky hill 3 letters TOR
Indicate 6 letters DENOTE
Forehead 4 letters BROW
Unpurified metal 3 letters ORE
Shiny material 6 letters SATEEN
Landmass 4 letters ISLE
Yea’s opposite 3 letters NAY
Nettle 4 letters RILE
Rude look 4 letters LEER
Alike 4 letters SAME
Jet black 4 letters ONYX
Deserted 8 letters LONESOME
Charm 6 letters ENAMOR
Coffee cup 3 letters MUG
Heroic verse 4 letters EPOS
Make a web 4 letters SPIN
Part of a.k.a. 4 letters ALSO
Tabby treat 6 letters CATNIP
Incite 6 letters AROUSE
Intensity 5 letters DEPTH
Congealed 3 letters SET
Board a ship 6 letters EMBARK
Prune’s start 4 letters PLUM
Longfellow e.g. 4 letters POET
Greek letter 3 letters CHI
Covered up 3 letters HID
Prophetess 5 letters SIBYL
Loose’s opposite 5 letters TIGHT
Clarinet’s relative 4 letters OBOE
Spell-caster 5 letters WITCH
Friendly 4 letters NICE
Blot 4 letters SPOT
Run through 8 letters REHEARSE
Fully 3 letters ALL
Tissue layer 3 letters PLY
Out of line (with) 6 letters ATODDS
Fuzzy fruit 4 letters KIWI
Shark attachment 6 letters REMORA
Large fish-eating bird 6 letters OSPREY
Furry pet 6 letters GERBIL
Climber’s spike 5 letters PITON
Time measure 4 letters YEAR
Opponent 4 letters ANTI
Theatrical Coward 4 letters NOEL
Coop 3 letters PEN
Lacquered tin 4 letters TOLE
Water jug 4 letters EWER
Golf mound 3 letters TEE


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