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Star Tribune Crossword Answers November 15, 2022

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Mongolian desert Gobi
Bookie’s concerns Bets
Meager Scant
Wise birds Owls
Ohio lake Erie
____ beam Laser
Unmodified Unaltered
Upper crust Elite
Sahara, e.g. Desert
Artist Salvador ____ Dali
Query Ask
How ____ you? Are
Muhammad ____ Ali
Reminds excessively Nags
Mexican money Peso
Desire to drink Thirst
Catholic service Mass
Mediate Arbitrate
Army division Unit
Astronomer Carl ____ Sagan
December 24 and 31 Eves
Trolley Streetcar
Salamander Newt
Grover’s street Sesame
Ark builder Noah
Commits perjury Lies
Gun lobby (abbr.) Nra
Cabbie’s bonus Tip
32nd pres. Fdr
Yew or willow Tree
Ranting speech Tirade
Respond React
Accessible Available
Mysterious Eerie
Jar tops Lids
Yule song Noel
Staircase part Tread
Mailbox opening Slot
Eros and Thor Gods


Cheese type Gouda
Proprietor Owner
Unenthused Blase
Man or Wight Isle
Ladybug, e.g. Beetle
Do the wrong thing Err
Bound Tied
Car style Sedan
____ of hand (magic trick) Sleight
Pres. Coolidge Cal
The Orient Asia
New Jersey team Nets
“Star ____” Trek
Ambush Trap
Caesar’s language Latin
Author ____ Asimov Isaac
Warning horn Siren
Kidney, e.g. Organ
Rant Rave
Hearty soup Stew
Midterm, e.g. Test
Tousle Muss
Opening wager Ante
Misters Sirs
Burglarize Steal
Red ____ (fighter pilot) Baron
Ranch animal Steer
Gave off Emitted
Rembrandt, e.g. Artist
Ice pellets Hail
Closes tightly Seals
Prohibition Taboo
Loafed Idled
Rinds Peels
Worry Fret
Buck Deer
Hard to find Rare
Devilish Evil
Chimed Rang
Undercover gp. Cia
Bustle Ado


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