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Star Tribune Crossword March 31, 2023

Author: Boatload Puzzles


Jump Leap
Glens Dales
Rave’s partner Rant
Beige Ecru
Lagoon’s boundary Atoll
Burn-soothing plant Aloe
Ocean liner Ship
Literature category Nonfiction
Cleansing bar Soap
School subj. Eng
Make glad Please
Soothe Ease
Item of value Asset
Corrects copy Edits
Clip Shear
Author ____ Hemingway Ernest
Church instrumentalist Organist
Shoe fastener Lace
See eye to eye Agree
Capital of Norway Oslo
Frightened Startled
Shriek Scream
Eight musicians Octet
List entries Items
Restrict Limit
Mormon state Utah
Revered Adored
Nest egg letters Ira
Cheeky Pert
Newt, e.g. Salamander
Above Over
Not this That
Leased again Relet
In person Live
Bruised Sore
Adolescents Teens
If not Else


Smaller amount Less
Yodeler’s feedback Echo
Operatic melody Aria
Marionette operator Puppeteer
Copenhagen natives Danes
Makes up for Atones
Yearn Long
North Pole worker Elf
Lose one’s footing Slip
Fixed prices Rates
Assumed name Alias
Hangman’s loop Noose
Dogma Tenet
Santa ____ Clara
Braying beast Ass
Snaky fishes Eels
Mild oath Drat
Machu Picchu dweller Inca
Crowd Horde
Lyrical “before” Ere
Mellows Ages
Bath powder Talc
Santa’s address (2 wds.) Northpole
Words of comprehension (2 wds.) Isee
Bridge term Slam
Cruise and Hanks Toms
Attain Get
Carved pole Totem
Undercover gp. Cia
Soup vessel Tureen
Continues Lasts
Potato state Idaho
Back tooth Molar
Furious Irate
Small pies Tarts
Small arrow Dart
Loafing Idle
Corrupt Evil
Guns an engine Revs
Elm or pine Tree
Once named Nee


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