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Star Tribune Crossword Nov 23 2022 Answers

Star Tribune Crossword November 23 2022 Answers:

Jump 4 letters LEAP
Gradual 4 letters SLOW
Framed (2 wds.) 5 letters SETUP
Curved doorway 4 letters ARCH
Busy place 4 letters HIVE
Sports locale 5 letters ARENA
Proposed as a candidate 9 letters NOMINATED
Tiny insects 5 letters GNATS
Compass direction (abbr.) 3 letters ESE
Uncovers 5 letters OPENS
Discharge 4 letters EMIT
Perpetually 4 letters EVER
Bother 6 letters HASSLE
Type of drum 5 letters SNARE
Finally (2 wds.) 6 letters ATLAST
Reef material 5 letters CORAL
Fangs 5 letters TEETH
Mineral spring 3 letters SPA
Dollar bills 4 letters ONES
Forward thrust 5 letters LUNGE
Envelope part 4 letters FLAP
Pekoe e.g. 3 letters TEA
____ Gras (Fat Tuesday) 5 letters MARDI
Part 5 letters PIECE
Most insignificant 6 letters MEREST
Book part 5 letters INDEX
Trip to the post office e.g. 6 letters ERRAND
Mideast nation 4 letters IRAN
Spoil 4 letters RUIN
Fiend 5 letters DEMON
NY time zone 3 letters EST
Like Santa’s helpers 5 letters ELFIN
Intricate 9 letters ELABORATE
Violin’s kin 5 letters CELLO
Choir singer 4 letters ALTO
Enthusiastic 4 letters AVID
Tire pattern 5 letters TREAD
Yard units 4 letters FEET
That woman’s 4 letters HERS
Country path 4 letters LANE
Greek god 4 letters EROS
Apex 4 letters ACME
Greek letter 3 letters PHI
Figure 5 letters SHAPE
Printed material 10 letters LITERATURE
Kiln 4 letters OVEN
Marries 4 letters WEDS
Sink down 3 letters SAG
Writer ____ Hemingway 6 letters ERNEST
Squads 5 letters TEAMS
Up to the time that 5 letters UNTIL
Glue 5 letters PASTE
Fictional book 5 letters NOVEL
Periods in history 4 letters ERAS
Despise 4 letters HATE
Fire leftover 3 letters ASH
Aberdeen native 4 letters SCOT
Not any 4 letters NONE
Range 4 letters AREA
Looks after 5 letters TENDS
Valid 10 letters LEGITIMATE
Toboggan 4 letters SLED
Horse’s gait 4 letters PACE
Pinnacle 4 letters APEX
Animal fat 4 letters LARD
Helsinki native 4 letters FINN
Chess pieces 3 letters MEN
Musical instrument 5 letters PIANO
Capital of the Philippines 6 letters MANILA
Upright 5 letters ERECT
King e.g. 5 letters RULER
Firearm 5 letters RIFLE
Automaton 5 letters ROBOT
Hearing-impaired 4 letters DEAF
Fashion magazine 4 letters ELLE
Roof projection 4 letters EAVE
Agitate 4 letters STIR
Koppel and Kennedy 4 letters TEDS
Drift off 3 letters NOD
Stadium shout 3 letters RAH

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