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Star Tribune Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

Star Tribune Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

Iridescent gem 4 letters OPAL
Chows down 4 letters EATS
Range 5 letters SCOPE
Sit for an artist 4 letters POSE
Additional 4 letters MORE
Respect 5 letters HONOR
Financial officer 9 letters TREASURER
Go in 5 letters ENTER
Gaze steadily 5 letters STARE
Young adult 4 letters TEEN
Folding beds 4 letters COTS
Wine valley 4 letters NAPA
Naught 4 letters NONE
Actress ____ Anderson 6 letters PAMELA
Storyteller 8 letters NARRATOR
Served perfectly 4 letters ACED
____ in full 4 letters PAID
Suspect’s story 5 letters ALIBI
Indicate agreement 3 letters NOD
Frank and Rice 5 letters ANNES
MGM lion 3 letters LEO
Not as wet 5 letters DRIER
Try out 4 letters TEST
Sparrow’s abode 4 letters NEST
Careful study 8 letters ANALYSIS
Dwellings 6 letters ABODES
Bottomless 4 letters DEEP
Jogging gait 4 letters TROT
Glen 4 letters DALE
Launder 4 letters WASH
Fertile spots 5 letters OASES
Inactive 5 letters INERT
River transport of yore 9 letters STEAMBOAT
Like old bread 5 letters STALE
Gull’s kin 4 letters TERN
Volcanic rock 4 letters LAVA
African country 5 letters KENYA
Had bills 4 letters OWED
Squeaks by 4 letters EKES
Picks 4 letters OPTS
Harbor 4 letters PORT
Between ports 4 letters ASEA
Figured out 7 letters LEARNED
Ostrich’s kin 3 letters EMU
Main artery 5 letters AORTA
Family chart 4 letters TREE
Love songs 9 letters SERENADES
That girl 3 letters SHE
Hide 7 letters CONCEAL
Aware of 4 letters ONTO
Verse maker 4 letters POET
Slips up 4 letters ERRS
Official stamp 4 letters SEAL
Likewise not 3 letters NOR
Mama’s spouse 4 letters PAPA
Gun owners’ org. 3 letters NRA
Chinese mammal 5 letters PANDA
Squirrel’s treat 5 letters ACORN
Radio and newspapers e.g. 5 letters MEDIA
Baseball teams 5 letters NINES
Laid bathroom flooring 5 letters TILED
Fat 5 letters OBESE
Melees 5 letters RIOTS
Italian appetizer course 9 letters ANTIPASTO
Big Dipper component 4 letters STAR
Not youthful 7 letters ELDERLY
Bread choice 3 letters RYE
Remarkable 7 letters NOTABLE
Baste 3 letters SEW
Cannon sound 4 letters BOOM
Not here 5 letters THERE
Floppy ____ 4 letters DISK
Starting bet 4 letters ANTE
Tilt 4 letters LEAN
Brood 4 letters STEW
Saturate 4 letters SOAK
Roof part 4 letters EAVE
Amtrak terminals (abbr.) 4 letters STAS
Hot drink 3 letters TEA
Common conjunction 3 letters AND


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