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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword January 18 2023 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword January 18 2023 Answers:

Indicates drinks all round just for love 6 letters POINTS
Is such a competition a striking success? 8 letters KNOCKOUT
Where she’s concerned I’m wrong again 4 letters MIMI
Came from – well hardly out of the blue! 6 letters HAILED
Another name for old Bill? 6 letters ROBERT
Allowed on court? 3 letters LET
Count as the leader of a big band 5 letters BASIE
Decided to be heartless in fact 4 letters DEED
Hold out a loose end that’s damaged 5 letters HOLED
Right on time note 5 letters FIVER
Paddled without a canoe 5 letters WADED
The tedious fellow needs to be carried 4 letters BORE
In less danger despite wild fears 5 letters SAFER
This American’s uncle 3 letters SAM
Of the people who start travelling to Bali possibly? 6 letters TRIBAL
A hand in a no-win situation 6 letters MISERE
Such a sweater say has no complete guarantee 4 letters ARAN
Quotations possibly from texts about a new car 8 letters EXTRACTS
It’s in Kent perhaps that you’ll find this little creature 6 letters KITTEN
Hurried back up and cast off 6 letters PUSHED
Caught in endless crooked dealing 6 letters NAILED
Kids involved in a sordid row 4 letters SKID
Time of revolution 7 letters OCTOBER
The sexual affairs of wild voles 5 letters LOVES
Lay down a condition 5 letters STATE
It’s a much shorter distance without the last quarter 4 letters MILE
Joined by railway 3 letters MET
Good opposition 3 letters BAD
To the horse something added 5 letters RIDER
Insurance against conceding runs? 5 letters COVER
Like –21 Down’s note his portrait was worth £20 5 letters ELGAR
Unseen aphids deprived of sap possibly 3 letters HID
Was the captain of the Hambledon team 3 letters LED
Like –18 he was pictured as a financial backer 7 letters FARADAY
It’s complex but we finish the job 3 letters WEB
Rock salt found on a piece of bacon 6 letters BASALT
A film or three 4 letters OMEN
One playing a two-leg match? 6 letters ELEVEN
It’s hard but makes for greater incisiveness 5 letters STEEL
An L of an age? 5 letters FIFTY
He having left the county teaches school! 3 letters SIR
Many require the protection of fencing 4 letters M


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