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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword January 20 2023 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword January 20 2023 Answers:

Better cook the eggs in with the vegetable 8 letters BEETROOT
People waiting we’re told for a signal 3 letters CUE
Galloping the pinto round the ring from choice 6 letters OPTION
Either played successfully or scratched 6 letters SCORED
A baggy dress? 7 letters TEAGOWN
She’s anything but worthless! 4 letters RUBY
Is it the exact counterpart of another in married quarters? 10 letters DOUBLEROOM
With the whist cancelled play golf 8 letters DRIVEOFF
Translated from French dear: Is hard to love 7 letters CHERISH
Accuse the one that provided the transport 4 letters TAXI
For the broken leg will get a doctor in you bet 6 letters GAMBLE
Leaving things to chance on witnessing the event 17 letters SEEINGWHATHAPPENS
Gains the lead from but it doesn’t last 6 letters PASSES
Phooey to mum! 4 letters TOSH
Get the pair off to bed with fruit 7 letters APRICOT
Again seek to investigate 8 letters RESEARCH
A standing charge 10 letters PARKINGFEE
Kerfuffle created by a move 4 letters STIR
Very dull food? 7 letters NOODLES
Admission to the course 6 letters ENTREE
Current way of saying It’s easy 6 letters BREEZE
Hand back the animal 3 letters RAT
Act One is in a different vein; languid and lackadaisical 8 letters INACTIVE
Pyjamas and nightdress? 10 letters BEDCLOTHES
A celebrity on board right? 4 letters STAR
My the children deserve praise for it! 8 letters GOODNESS
No it’s back – round at the depot 7 letters STATION
For a short time regard as clairvoyance 11 letters SECONDSIGHT
Increasing when one’s getting into the saddle 10 letters MOUNTINGUP
Don’t allow to get fed up 6 letters STARVE
Having misgivings? That’s rather unlikely 8 letters DOUBTFUL
The appeal of tea at the start of the morning 5 letters CHARM
Would you find about fifty in pubs? 7 letters BARRELS
A whole lot you gather 5 letters AMASS
The encounter is satisfying 7 letters MEETING
Change the directors and the office equipment 11 letters SWITCHBOARD
That he’s known to you is not any more surprising 10 letters NOSTRANGER
The rest of the sailors 10 letters SHORELEAVE
Roughly tear up over half to stuff in the hole 8 letters APERTURE
Terribly old and sedate mincing veal 8 letters PRIMEVAL
Throwing darts at I figure is going too far 7 letters DRASTIC
Was in a position to exact satisfaction from 6 letters EARNED
In the story I act as guide 5 letters PILOT
Reckons they’re very young 4 letters TOTS


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