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The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Cryptic Crossword November 14 2022 Answers:

Gloomy and could become more so 6 letters MOROSE
I follow dad’s vehicle to get something to eat 8 letters PASTRAMI
Is it three times as high as the bass? 6 letters TREBLE
Clever as a card could be 5 letters SMART
Oliver filmed in three dimensions 4 letters REED
Did Leander call her –duck? 4 letters HERO
Pieces of peach stone are a nuisance 4 letters PEST
Grassy piece of cleared land 3 letters LEA
Show patience when a wit is being clever 4 letters WAIT
One of the French days in ancient Rome 4 letters IDES
Haggled about having put on weight at the pub 9 letters BARGAINED
It was less than fortunate being caught 4 letters TUNA
One fled the country 4 letters IRAN
Was he not taken advantage of? 3 letters TED
Cheat by hiding some files between book-ends 4 letters BILK
Rushed the starting price to the editor 4 letters SPED
It’s transported to the poles in metal boxes 4 letters TINS
Quickly take note that the size is out 5 letters SEIZE
He lacks expertise not to mention something gripping 6 letters NOVICE
While Odysseus was away did she run off with a writer? 8 letters PENELOPE
The rising of a fragrance 6 letters ASCENT
Like an animal wrecking a ship 5 letters APISH
Name an outsize auto 5 letters OSCAR
Courage needed on icy roads? 4 letters GRIT
Troubled times for the little ones 5 letters MITES
Was sorry to have sounded uncivil 4 letters RUED
Finds the answer to a puzzling love between saints 6 letters SOLVES
In a flurry of rain the end of the street is less than an eyeful! 6 letters RETINA
Girl in a million? 3 letters MEG
Arboreal feature that ran around the town centre 5 letters ROWAN
Sells the rest out possibly for just a single pound 7 letters RETAILS
Doctor back to nurse one glutton 3 letters PIG
Guided by the little light in the vestibule door 3 letters LED
Like the figure of a fine horse I see 6 letters ARABIC
However stupid one can see that private rooms have a key 5 letters DENSE
Come out in the garden 3 letters BUD
Getting less than a firkin can vex one 3 letters IRK
Not trebles but they’ve been known to sing in a trio 6 letters TENORS
Some protection for the head in an unsafe zone? 3 letters FEZ
In spilling a pint one’s sweetheart is pretty useless! 5 letters INEPT
Skipper’s line in the plot 5 letters PILOT
Show respect albeit fed up to the bitter end 5 letters DEFER
Father is no waiter! 4 letters TIME
Outbuilding no longer wanted? 4 letters SHED


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