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The Evening Standards Easy Crossword January 19 2023 Answers

The Evening Standards Easy Crossword January 19 2023 Answers:

Choose 6 letters SELECT
Everything considered 8 letters ALLINALL
Speaker 6 letters ORATOR
Quickly 5 letters APACE
Sixty minutes 4 letters HOUR
Luxuriant 4 letters LUSH
Weakens 4 letters SAPS
Dowel 3 letters PEG
Snakes 4 letters ASPS
Condiment 4 letters SALT
Religious retreat 9 letters MONASTERY
Italian city 4 letters PISA
Plenty 4 letters LOTS
Levy 3 letters TAX
Masticate 4 letters CHEW
Do as ordered 4 letters OBEY
Stretches 4 letters EKES
Garden figure 5 letters GNOME
Scanty 6 letters SPARSE
Fortifications 8 letters DEFENCES
Soldiers 6 letters TROOPS
Of the nose 5 letters NASAL
Assumed name 5 letters ALIAS
Formerly 4 letters ONCE
Sailing vessel 5 letters SLOOP
Fibber 4 letters LIAR
Cupboard 6 letters CLOSET
Apple type 6 letters RUSSET
Place 3 letters PUT
Utter confusion 5 letters CHAOS
Harasses 7 letters HASSLES
Health resort 3 letters SPA
Thickness 3 letters PLY
Crisps popcorn etc. 6 letters SNACKS
Illegal burning 5 letters ARSON
Blend 3 letters MIX
Haul 3 letters TOW
Mollycoddle 6 letters PAMPER
Border of cloth 3 letters HEM
Takes notice of 5 letters HEEDS
Bungle 5 letters BOTCH
Leaven 5 letters YEAST
Therefore 4 letters ERGO
Scottish valley 4 letters GLEN


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