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The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 22 2022 Answers

The Evening Standards Easy Crossword November 22 2022 Answers:

Sucrose 5 letters SUGAR
Jig 5 letters DANCE
Of the stomach 7 letters GASTRIC
Precipitous 5 letters STEEP
Cotton thread 5 letters LISLE
Haughty 5 letters PROUD
Ship wreckage 7 letters FLOTSAM
Unopened flower 3 letters BUD
Chances 4 letters ODDS
Strict 6 letters SEVERE
Petticoats 5 letters SLIPS
Seizes wrongfully 6 letters USURPS
Land measure 4 letters ACRE
Man’s name 3 letters SAM
Meat retailer 7 letters BUTCHER
Whole range 5 letters GAMUT
Eskimo boat 5 letters KAYAK
Wall painting 5 letters MURAL
Contagious disease 7 letters MEASLES
Snake type 5 letters VIPER
Television informally 5 letters TELLY
Incapable of description 6 letters UNTOLD
Representatives 6 letters AGENTS
Knock 3 letters RAP
Tempest 5 letters STORM
Thins down 7 letters DILUTES
Corrosive substance 4 letters ACID
Green say 6 letters COLOUR
Buckets 5 letters PAILS
Concentrate 5 letters FOCUS
Hatred 5 letters ODIUM
Seat in a park 5 letters BENCH
Postpone 5 letters DEFER
Nozzle 5 letters SPOUT
Orator 7 letters SPEAKER
Highly-spiced sausage 6 letters SALAMI
Impute guilt 6 letters ACCUSE
Recollect 6 letters RECALL
Rupture 5 letters BURST
Match 4 letters GAME
Encountered 3 letters MET

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