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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,915 – Nov 15 2022 Crossword Answers

The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,915 – Nov 15 2022

All the work of Dickens, never a week offYEARROUND
Almost speak up, wretch: you a traitor too?ETTUBRUTE
Complains at length when volume’s zeroSOUNDSOFF
Could this identity document reverse a dismissal?GREENCARD
Country I may representINDIA
Daring moves — key, a spade finesseESCAPADES
Discrimination not as terrible, if limitedTASTE
Expand length and sound menacingGROWL
Fight some paper disposal schemeSCRAPPAGE
Getting rid of car in industrial parkTRADINGESTATE
Having drunk last of gin, passes on eatsDINES
Help a councillor get returned by a rural areaARCADIA
Laureate’s wiles manipulated with delicacyCECILDAYLEWIS
Mass behind small hill in bad weatherSTORM
Maybe granny often seen with foot above head among friendsMATERFAMILIAS
Medical man I wish to report firstOTOLOGIST
Native American’s needs grew after developmentSEDGEWREN
Note pocketed by sweet little thing needing no decipheringENCLAIR
Organised data for boardTABLE
Popular English composer has died? I’m flabbergastedINEVERDID
Saint, tortured about a month, sustained energySTAMINA
Squeezed wife and spokeWRUNG
Suggest taking off front wagon that could be so splitINTWAIN
Tricky in the extreme? Shorten it drasticallyTHORNIEST
Two soldiers are enormousGIANT
Unblemished award?OSCAR
Wild creature that is aboutIRATE
With wrongly set kilts, I show organKISTOWHISTLES


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