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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,924 – Nov 25 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
African natives in oversize brassieres ZEBRAS
As a feather in bed is spoilt BLIGHTED
Before delta strain Covid ends, snoring interrupts vaccination of players JAZZ
Beneath tree that’s heavenly SUBLIME
Cheese turnover? Yes, a new recipe for beginners MADE
Choose to back Mary, at heart a complex woman ELECTRA
Conservative lists shed tears in preparation for a fresh start CLEANSWEEP
Cut energy usage, said at first by them GREENS
Food Napoleon and his entourage kept warm PIGSINBLANKETS
Gave compensation in return, a requirement for American 12s REPAID
He’d test us about protective cover DUSTSHEET
Intervene to protect Charlie’s treat MEDICATE
One suffering endless torpor IDLENESS
Penchant for the final act SWANSONG
Perfect stories JUSTSO
Recent arrival in November disrupted Brown Abbey NEWBORNBABY
Repeated words of claimant, rambling MANTRA
Riley’s life in Florence? LADOLCEVITA
See 1 BAND
See 14 EASY
Song in a code to do with buzzers APIARIAN
There’s a mother! THERESA
They advise where to find pots and pans KITCHENCABINET
Top dog, say I, for close observation EAGLEEYE
Top up fee CHARGE
Try tender exotic trees, but they won’t grow here GOBIDESERT
What am I doing for the environment? SETTING
You’ve lost control, pal CHECKMATE

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