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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,971 – Jan 19 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Agent in European capital backed Julian, say EMPEROR
Beat seed PULSE
Become aware of things smelt, heard but not seen SENSE
Bird presented in last part of French chapter FINCH
Booker? With prize ultimately secured, trim one’s sails REEF
Coping partly with limited capital, just under fifteen pounds CAPSTONE
Deity repeatedly upset another __ that’s very unusual RARAAVIS
Denouement that’s heart-rending? Not half ENDING
Don’t allow to leave with odd characters out of discretion ICEIN
Encountered Oliver’s friend in London suburban area METROLAND
Endless fortune I had put together, that’s clear LUCID
Found pound and ounce, say, in abbreviated dictionary LOCATED
Hungarian saint containing the blaze I mishandled ELIZABETH
If pedant is confused about hard recipe initially, he seeks way to proceed PATHFINDER
Imaginary character, one of the first two Wells wrote about MANINTHE
Increase organised valet parking in large parts of East End ELEVATE
It’s put in the kind of barns churches once found helpful TITHE
King or president ARTHUR
Large rodent, hard to handle, not keeping up like pig PORCINE
Letters from London nearly delivered for poet DONNE
Like the Chairman’s little work (or books in general, we hear) RED
Love label linked with old wine-producing region OTAGO
Novel form in old verse penned by Conservatives CRIMESTORY
Old author I’d pronounced woke? OPEN
One of six in charge of our land, one a so-called farmer GEORGE
Part of bicycle that doesn’t make it to 24 across? INNERTUBE
Part of painter’s work starts off collection of art treasures COAT
Power of the mind seen in part of 24 across PINNER
Restrained, cut line in second edition SHACKLED
See 25 EYED
See 7 MOON
Source of inspiration and great power in the writer MUSE
With repetition of first part, contrive changes to sentence again RECONVICT


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