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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 29,032 – Mar 31 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
10 in river shortened with stick INDUCEMENT
Between the two of us, locate no good new striplings YOUNGMEN
Common complaint about antique COLD
Complicated kind of relationship the Oval Office finally sorted out LOVEHATE
Fashionable, but not hot COOL
Fly, perhaps, one swallowed by nocturnal insectivore BAIT
Following explosion initially in light on ceiling, not flammable or inflammable FLAMEPROOF
Get excited, start attack TURNON
Guinea inferior to former French colony? That’s slander MALIGN
Intensity of feeling produced by race HEAT
Month and year in which to take on one kind of state MONARCHY
My son, crazy about Big Apple either way? It means the same SYNONYM
Nothing in striking description that’s solid? ALLOUT
One of 16, more or less, in island MINORCA
One that’s not part of 1, not so unusual COMMONER
Permit, or punitively deter, second name appearing in deed SANCTION
Person who’s active in so many directions? Just the opposite DYNAMO
Prone to be standing up to with determination FACINGDOWN
Provided with food taken back to consume — best or worst DEFEAT
Regular but infrequent publications from unknown, first abridged YEARLIES
Removing or securing piece of paper CLIPPING
Rise and fall before noon? Hell, no HEAVEN
Self-absorbed — extra time in first half would make very little difference EGOISTICAL
Show or conceal SCREEN
Slander American woman, European female intervening DEFAME
Something needed before formulating sentence, found in whatever dictionary VERDICT
The end of some extinct creatures shown in useful reference books THESAURI
This, of itself, is 15 ANTONYM


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