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The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 29,104 – Jun 23 2023 Crossword

Clues Answers
Architectural style from state on Atlantic GEORGIAN
Author from Sicily and I fled valley, falling into Italian river PIRANDELLO
Book some Italians taking horses across motorway ROMANS
Capacity of youngster to mature CUBAGE
Cascara part-exchanged in South American city CARACAS
Country finally rejecting any possible reason for complaint GERM
Country upset about nothing in this part of the world REGION
Eastern workers in their part of the world right to use what is not theirs EASEMENT
Edible seaweed from best part of shore I miss in confusion IRISHMOSS
France’s negative statement about European gas NEON
German physicist more intelligent than he sounds? PLANCK
Greek storyteller making front of audience sit up AESOP
Is able to divide into sections as French or Italian ballad CANZONE
Muscat dome rebuilt to required specifications CUSTOMMADE
North of Kent port, letters he has passed across HANDEDOVER
Old record is included in contracts for rock cognoscenti? GEOLOGISTS
One kind of African thus followed by another SOMALIAN
People badly affected by anxiety changed 5 down NEUROTICS
Phoney source of fuel in Ireland, you said, is imported BOGUS
Plot Haiti conman concocted MACHINATION
Poles embracing orphan, those who look after kids NANNIES
Positive reaction from Spain that’s binding in a part of Egypt SINAI
Really stupid 5 down in disarray CRETINOUS
Relatively older Russian in play against a New York ace VANYA
Reversed so poorly, then drove initially in wrong gear OVERDRESSED
Rugs from western part of Persia and instruments from Hawaii PERUKES
Some land in Israeli city ACRE
Someone from an Asian country that is dismissing conclusions THAI
Something used by cook, as it happens, in modified olio OLIVEOIL
States theme, as seen in 14, 20, 22 and elsewhere COUNTRIES


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